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Aico is a manufacturer of the market leading Easi-Fit smoke detectors. They also produce other fire protection equipment such as fire panels. Aico are the UK distributor of fire and loft caps, all their exciting product range is available at Downlights Direct. We don't list all their range on our site so please contact us if your item is not lisnted.

Ansell Lighting is a UK based lighting manufacturer and designer. Offering innovative lighting designs such as the market leading iCage Fire Rated Downlight. The iCage was the Worlds first fire rated and open rated downlight.

Downlights direct is a fully franchised stockist of Ansell Lighting products and can offer competitive on-line prices as well as project based prices for larger orders.

ASD Lighting is a lighting manufacturer based in Rotherham, UK and specialises in domestic and commercial lighting. This includes under cabinet lights and the Smart Flood; a low energy outdoor floodlight.

Astro Lighting specialises in modern domestic light fixtures such as ceiling lights, wall lights and spotlights. We have got the entire Astro Lighting range listed on our website.


Aurora Lighting is Worldwide lighting manufacturer who specialises in LED downlights. Leading the way in innovative downlight technology with the superb M10 DOB which contains high voltage LEDs and a driver on board the chip.

BN Thermic is a UK based manufacturer of commercial heating products and underfloor heating. We've got a large selection of underfloor heating available here.

Click Scolmore is a manufacturer of switches, sockets and lighting products. With many superb brands such as Click Definity and FlameGuard downlights.
It is also the company behind the renowned Flow Connectors which are an advanced type of plug in terminal block system that help to neaten up and reduce installation times.

In 2013 they introduced the Inceptor downlight which is an fire rated, integrated LED downlight which is ideal for low or shallow ceiling voids.

Collingwood Lighting is the manufacturer of the game changing Halers range of integrated LED downlights. They were the first company in the UK to produce superior, high end LED fittings that were built to last.

They continue to manufacture high quality LED products such as wall lights and LED ground lights. All backed by a 7 year guarantee.

CP Electronics is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of energy saving lighting controls such as PIR's and microwave sensors. They mainly concentrate on the commercial sector and can offer sensing solutions with longer ranges, ideal for warehouses etc.

Danlers is a UK based manufacturer of lighting control and energy devices such as occupancy sensors, photocells and PIRs.

If you've had any difficulty with flickering LEDs, look no further than the Danlers RESLOAD which solves those low load issues.

EcoLED Lighting are an innovative lighting manufacturer offering high quality, long lasting LED lighting products. The ZEP1 range of LED downlights has been our most popular choice of downlight for the last few years due to it's superior light output and reliability.

They also manufacturer a range of contemporary wall  and ground lights.

One of the UK's largest manufacturers of fire hoods for downlights. Envirograf offers many other fire protection equipment including fire tents and loft covers.

Fitzgerald Lighting is most known for fluorescent batten fittings and is also a manufacturer commercial and industrial luminaires that includes high bays, low bays and floodlights.

Halers LED downlights are part of Collingwood Lighting. Halers was originally formed to launch the EvoLED range of fire rated LED downlights. It is now a brand within the Collingwood range.

Hylec-APL are distributors of cable connectors including the IP68 Tee box. They manufacture ABS enclosures which are ideal for use in lighting applications.

Intalite Lighting is a German based lighting company who specialises in modern domestic lighting products along with a large selection of commercial fixtures. The entire 'Big White' book range of lighting products is available to order on this very website.

Kosnic started off as fluorescent lamp manufacturer before moving over to LED lamps. They now offer a wide selection of both fluorescent and LED lamps at competitive prices.

This includes a range of LED fittings such as downlights and floodlights.

LEDS-C4 is a Spain based lighting company who designs and manufacturers contemporary indoor and outdoor lighting. If you're looking for something modern and unique then check out his exciting range of products.

LED Strip Fit is our own brand of made to measure LED strip lights. As part of our bespoke design service we can supply the exact plug and play strips to meet the demands of your lighting application.

Leyton Lighting is a distributor of LED lighting products and fire rated downlights. This includes the Elan LED downlight which is superb quality integrated COB (chip on board) downlighter.

Lightwave RF is a home automation system that allows you to control your lighting wirelessly via radio frequency or via a smart phone.

It is now distributed via Megaman lighting and is being redesigned to work specifically with their range of LED lamps.

In the 1960's Lutron invented the dimmer switch, from then on it has led the way in automated lighting products and now has many different ranges.

The Lutron Grafik Eye has set the standards in automated lighting and allows scene setting among many offer features.

Mean Well is one of the Worlds largest producers of industrial power supplies. With the arrival of LED technology, Mean Well seized the day and have produced a range of market leading LED drivers that are highly reliable and conform to lighting standards.

Although Megaman Lighting were slow to react to the LED lighting revolution, when they finally did, they did it hard!

The Megaman 6W GU10 has helped to reduce the price of high quality LED lamps and downlights for the consumer while at the same time harming the industry for the retailer.

Philips Lighting is the Worlds largest producer of lighting equipment. The MasterLED range of LED lamps is the market leader and is the most reliable type available. We get very few failures of Philips lighting products which can not be said for any other brand and this is based on 3-4 years of sales.

Philips has many other sub brands such as Massive, TradeLED and CorePro to name a few. You can view them all by clicking on the logo.

Rako controls offers a fantastic range of home automation products. Available in either wired or wireless RF versions the Rako range is suitable for dimming LEDs and many other lighting sources.

Sensorbility specialises in sensing equipment and is the manufacturer of the unique touch tile dimmer. The touch tile dimmer allows you to dim your lights by tapping a tile while in the comfort of your own bath.

Steinel is a manufacturer of high quality detection equipment such as PIR and occupancy sensors. They are now producing a range of high quality lighting products such as LED floodlights and out wall lights.

If you want an LED floodlight with a PIR, we always recommend using Steinel as the PIR is almost always the first thing to fail. Steinel PIRs are superior quality and designed to last.

Sunricher is a manufacturer of LED lighting control products. Including a great range of RF and Wi-Fi receivers that allow LED strip lights to be controlled at the same time without having to be connected with a cable.

Varilight is a  British manufacturer of switches and sockets. They have successfully produced the Worlds first true LED dimmer switch with the market leading V-Pro range.

Anyone who originally installed dimmable LEDs when they first arrived will know that they flicker when dimmed with conventional dimmer switch. Varilight have solved this problem and Downlights Direct salutes you! 

Zano controls (formally Richmond) is a manufacturer of lighting control systems and dimmer switches. This includes the popular GRID500 leading edge dimmer switch that Halers specifically recommend for use with their H2 Pro.

Get ready for the ZGRIDLED dimmer switch which is supposed to be able to dim any LED with little concern for minimum or maximum loads. This exciting new product is coming soon to Downlights Direct.