Dining Room Lighting Project

Dining Room Lighting Project

Customer:  John from Preston.

Room: Dining Room

Products Used:

The Project: To extend and redesign the dining room with variable lighting effects.

The Fixed Icage Downlights are used for when maximum illumination is needed in the room, the Icage Adjustable downlights are used to illuminate the decorative picture frames on the wall. Both sets of downlights are fitted with 6W Philips LED’s for optimum lumen output and low power consumption. The 3000K LED strip is to give a warm white wash to the ceiling.


The project was pretty straight forward with the exception of getting the correct set up to enable the LED strip to be dimmable. Originally we went for the 1-10V dimmable option but the dimming range only went down to 50% due to the loading of the driver. As a back up option we went for the RF key fob .  Once the unit was installed it worked beautifully. The team at Downlights Direct were extremely helpful when problems arose.


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