The Best Tools to Use when Installing Downlights in Your Ceiling

You will, of course, already be aware of the huge benefits of downlights in your residence or business premises, and their popularity is certainly proof of their great advantages. Having downlights in your home or office or any other commercial or industrial area is not only a brilliant way to illuminate a particular space – downlights also come with some highly-advanced features, such as adequate fire rating, energy efficiency, and a lot more.

But if you are planning to install downlights in your ceiling, you can make the entire process easier with the use of certain tools as well. One ideal tool which you can make use of when installing downlights in your ceiling is a hole cutter, especially one with a dust cover, which we at Downlights Direct have. In fact, here at Downlights Direct, there are more than 40 of these items which are currently in stock. Here’s what you should know about this useful and premium tool and product.

The usefulness of the hole cutter with dust cover for installing ceiling downlights

 Hole Cutter

One of the most useful tools you can hope to have – if not the most useful tool – for installing ceiling downlights is the hole cutter. Our hole cutter can cut holes with multiple sizes, which range from 40mm to 163mm, so it can be used for installing differently-sized downlights, from smaller and more compact downlights to medium-sized and larger downlights. In addition, the hole cutter can cut perfectly-sized holes in an array of materials, which include plywood, acrylic, and plasterboard. Since the hole cutter is multiple purpose, you don’t need to purchase any other tools or hole saws – it can perform multiple functions according to your needs. In other words, all you need is this one hole cutter in order to install a variety of downlights on your ceiling.

Other useful features you should know about

The hole cutter also comes with a cover, which serves the purpose of collecting dust as well as debris when you are cutting a hole in the ceiling. This cover allows you to save precious time, since you no longer have to deal with any mess whilst installing your downlights. The cover catches all the dirt and debris, making your job much easier. Furthermore, the hole cutter also comes with a durable and sturdy carry case, along with a handle, for easier and more convenient transport anywhere.

As mentioned, the minimum size for cutting for this hole cutter is 40 millimetres (equal to 1 and a half inches), but you can cut holes to as much as 163 millimetres, equivalent to 6 and a half inches. So no matter what size your downlight is, you can easily cut the exact hole for it on the ceiling.

Not just for ceilings, but for floors and walls as well

But if you think the hole cutter is only for the ceiling, think again. It can actually be used for cutting downlight holes for the wall or floor, as long as the material of your walls or floor is plasterboard, acrylic, or plywood.

The hole cutter can also be used for ceilings, walls, or flooring which are between 1 millimetre to 23 millimetres thick, and it also comes with a 2-year guarantee.

Here at Downlights Direct, you can purchase the hole cutter with dust cover for as little as £44.16, and this already includes the VAT. This price offering allows you to save as much as 20% off the hole cutter’s regular retail price of £55.20.

Other useful tools from which you can benefit

The hole saw

 Hole Drill

There are some other tools for installing downlights from which you can benefit. One such tool which was previously mentioned (although you no longer need it if you purchase the adjustable hole cutter) is the Starrett Bi-Metal Hole Saw, which also comes in a wide range of sizes. This hole saw can cut through materials such as wood, plasterboard, metal, and plastic, and all you need to do is attach it to a hand held press or a drill. The product will require an arbor, however, so it is important to keep this in mind if you end up purchasing this. The different sizes of the Starrett Bi-Metal Hole Saw range from 14 millimetres to 121 millimetres.


Another useful product for installing downlights is the arbor, particularly Starrett Arbors which are also available here at Downlights Direct and which are a requirement if you are planning to use the above-mentioned hole saw. These arbors come with a set screw on its body, which allows you to easily replace the pilot drill. The arbors come in two kinds, namely the A1 arbor and the A2 arbor, and the A1 arbor is ideal for hole saws from 14 millimetres to 30 millimetres, and it fits the chuck size of 9.5 millimetres. The A2 arbor, on the other hand, is ideal for hole saws from 32 millimetres to 133 millimetres, and it fits the chuck size of 13 millimetres.

Pilot drills

The pilot drill is yet another required tool for cutting holes for downlights, and it is used in conjunction with hole saws and arbors. At Downlights Direct, we also have a replacement pilot drill for A1 and A2 arbors. In order to use this, all you have to do is remove the screw from either the A1 or A2 arbor and replace the drill.

Of course, if you decide to purchase the multi-size hole cutter with the dust cover, you no longer have to purchase the other tools mentioned above, such as the hole saw, the arbors, and the replacement pilot drill. The multi-size hole cutter offers an all-in-one solution for installing downlights on ceilings, walls, and floors, and its size range is much broader as well – rather than just 121 millimetres, you have a larger size of 163 millimetres as an option. You can easily view the availability of the hole cutter with dust cover (40 – 163mm), adjustable, on our website.

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