What are Wi-Fi LED Bulbs?

What are Wi-Fi LED Bulbs?

W-Fi LED bulbs can be controlled from a smart phone via your Wi-Fi connection. Using the corresponding App which differs from brand to brand you can change colours and colour temperatures at the touch of a button.

Create a unique ambiance instantly with a superior range of Wi-Fi colour changing LED bulbs. Here at Downlights Direct, we stock everything you need to change the colour of your lighting at the touch of a button. So whether you’re looking for LED colour changing bulbs or a controller, we have all of this and more.


Get Connected 

We are committed to bringing our customers the very best range of lighting and our collection wouldn’t be complete without Wifi colour changing LEDs with remote control functionality. You can control your lighting via a remote control or via your smartphone using our Wifi control box or you can even download an App. So whether you want to add a touch of colour to one room or all of them in the house, you can do so in an instant.

We stock the following:

  • Colour Changing LED Bulbs
  • RF Controllers
  • Wi-Fi Receivers
  • Wi-Fi to RF Converters
  • Wi-Fi LED Lighting Controllers

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to lighting so please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you have a questions regarding our range.

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Our products give you control over lighting in every room via a radio receiver or a Wi-Fi signal converter. So browse our product range today and make your home unique.

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