Top 5 Benefits Of Led Bathroom Lights

Top 5 Benefits Of Led Bathroom Lights

LED, or Light Emitting Diode lamps make use of a lighting technology that uses a two-lead semiconductor light source. LED lighting is generally held to be superior to other lighting sources due to its brightness, lesser environmental impact, and long life. Very often used in bathrooms, LED bathroom lighting has several advantages.



A main advantage of LED bathroom lights is safety. Since these lights use lesser voltage, they are sturdier in the face of damage from water and steam. This results in better safety. The lights also operate at a much lower temperature than halogen and other lighting technologies, thus contributing to safety in the bathroom.

Long life

LED lights are durable and long lasting. They are tough and do not break easily. These lights can easily give a service of at least around 30,000 hours which is significantly greater than any other type of lighting. Thus, using LED lights in the bathroom is advantageous because they don’t have to be replaced often.

Environmental friendly

LED lighting does not contain mercury or lead, and hence is environmental friendly. The technology cuts greenhouse gas emissions and contributes positively to the environment. The fact that they also consume less voltage means that saving in energy is immense, which can make a large difference in the long run.


The low energy use of LED bulbs also means higher cost savings. There is generally a 50 to 80 percent decrease in electricity bills, once the LED lighting has been installed. The fixtures are quite durable and don’t have to be changed frequently, resulting in more savings.


The bathroom is a place of relaxation, where we take long baths and showers, and drain away the stress of the day. LED bathroom lights can be tweaked to change colours, and some fixtures also allow dimming the lights according to requirement. With the use of LED lights, the bathroom can be given the perfect ambiance to match the mood.

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