Accent Lighting In Your Garden

Accent Lighting In Your Garden

If you are looking to make the most of your garden but are stuck for ideas, it’s worth exploring accent lighting. This can add sparkle to gardens in need of a lift, or create a touch of class to show off outside areas to new effect in the evenings and at night. You don’t need a large garden to do this; indeed, smaller plots can benefit greatly from subtle illumination as it can sometimes create the illusion of space.

Similarly, an abundance of plants are not essential as effective lighting can be used to make a feature of paths, shrubs, walls and over-hanging trees. If you have a water feature, try incorporating that as submerged lights will not only produce some beautiful effects but again can suggest space or introduce interesting light and movement into the garden. If you go down this route, be sure you buy products specifically designed for this purpose!

When choosing accent lighting, the following aspects should be considered:

Practicality – ensure selected areas lend themselves to illumination; attractive foliage and plants are ideal, but stone walls, paths and garden ornamentation all work well.

Cost – your budget may dictate the type of lighting you opt for but there are a number of affordable choices available and solar-powered lights are economical as well as simple to install.

Positioning – remember: you want to illuminate your garden, not turn your neighbour’s house into focal point! Ensure beams are directed away from other houses and angled correctly to maximise their effectiveness on your own property. Uplighting is great for taller shrubs and trees. Spotlights can hi-light particular features to make them stand out, or alternatively be used for shadowing by placing in front of features which cast interesting shadows on backdrop walls.

It’s important not to get carried away; as well as looking extremely attractive, accent lighting can add to the security of your property but be mindful not to try recreating the Blackpool illuminations! Careful planning and the right choice of lighting will transform your garden and give it a whole new character as night falls.

Modern & Affordable

Garden lighting is available to everyone, not matter what their budget is. We offer a large selection of decking lights, floodlights, ground lights from the UK’s leading lighting brands.

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