1. What Are IP65 Downlights?

    What Are IP65 Downlights?
    Downlights provide you with a space saving and modern option to standard ceiling or wall lighting, providing you full light protection throughout your chosen space. With IP65 downlights, your total light protection can be installed over your shower or bath without the danger of any possible safety issues (such as electrocution), something that can not be guaranteed with IP64 or less downlights.
  2. What Are The Advantages Of IP65 Lighting?

    What Are The Advantages Of IP65 Lighting?
    With so many different kind of lighting apparatus on the market it can be difficult for consumers to choose. Such features as wattage, lumens, and beam angle influence the illumination in rooms. To further complicate things, certain lighting fixtures follow an international classification system for sealing the effectiveness of enclosures of electrical equipment against the intrusion of dust, tools, moisture and other foreign bodies into the equipment.