1. Benefits Of JCC Lighting

    Benefits Of JCC Lighting
    JCC Lighting is a market leader in the lighting field. With over 20 years of experience you can be sure of the high quality of their products along with excellent customer service and cutting edge design. Having risen from the humble beginnings of a small family firm to a worldwide company, JCC sources, designs and manufactures top quality lighting suited to both commercial and domestic premises. So what makes JCC Lighting stand apart from its competitors?
  2. Why Choose Astro Lighting?

    Why Choose Astro Lighting?
    Astro Lighting, one of the many lighting brands sold here at Downlights Direct, are committed to making homes look sophisticated and giving them a touch a class. Their lighting collections encompass everything from sleek square downlights to circular downlights. Whatever lights you require for your property, Downlights Direct aim to provide it to you for the very best price on the internet.
  3. How To Install Downlights With Woodchip

    How To Install Downlights With Woodchip
    When working with electricity remember to follow the basic safety isolation procedures if you are not going to employ an electrician to fit the downlights. Locate the correct isolation point then check the condition of the voltage indication device - confirm that it is in working order.
  4. Why Do We Put Lights On Our Christmas Tree?

    Why Do We Put Lights On Our Christmas Tree?
    Putting lights on our Christmas trees was established a few centuries ago, and began with candles being used to represent stars.
  5. Lighting Explained

    Lighting Explained
    There are many different terminologies and abbreviations used to describe light sources. This article explains the most important ones used on Downlights Direct.