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Collingwood Downlights
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The Halers range of high performance LED downlights from Collingwood Lighting are the most reliable brand we sell. One of the very first companies in the world to produce integrated and fire rated LED downlights, Collingwood Lighting remains the market leader.

The Halers range of integrated LED downlights from Collingwood Lighting are world renowned for superior quality and reliability. These premium quality downlights are available in fire rated and non fire rated versions. Providing unrivalled, bright lighting results that are built to last for many years. 

The Collingwood LED downlight brochure is available here. This brochure features these stand out lighting products which are available to order on this very website and available from stock:

  • Halers H2 Pro 550 market leading integrated downlight
  • Halers H4 Lite adjustable 
  • Halers H2 Lite high quality and affordable
  • Halers H2 Lite Extreme outdoor rated LED downlight
  • Collingwood 1901 Series - High end premium specification