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Crompton Spectrum RGB Halo 2200K-6500K LED Downlight

Crompton Spectrum RGB Halo 2200K-6500K LED Downlight

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Crompton Spectrum LED downlight with RGB, colour changing halo effect. With an adjustable colour temperature range of 2200K-6500K, this high perfor... more info

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Crompton Spectrum LED downlight with RGB, colour changing halo effect. With an adjustable colour temperature range of 2200K-6500K, this high performance downlight has it all. 

With a fully CCT adjustable (correlated colour temperature) light output you can easily tune the lighting tone from an ultra warm, candlelight effect, to a starker daylight effect and everything in-between. The Crompton Spectrum has the best of CCT adjustment of any downlight on the market.

The RGB halo effect adds something even more special, providing a colour changing effect. The halo can be set to any static colour or it can have fading effects with a control via the App.

Controlling, dimming and adjusting the colour temperature is easy to and can be done using the App, which is free to download. Using the App you can control it via BlueTooth on your smart phone. You can then create groups and control sets of lights altogether in a room or zone. You can set schedules so that your lights come on in the mornings and off at specific times of the night or day. It's like having your own smart lighting systems with just one product.

For added ease of use, a wall controller is now available. This allows you to switch and control the lights as you enter or leave the room without having to open the App.

The Spectrum downlight is also fire rated and IP65 as standard. It comes with 3 popular bezel finishes that include white, chrome and brushed aluminium.


  • Wattage: 10W
  • Colour temperature: Tune-able white 2200K - 6500K
  • RGB colour changing halo rim
  • Controllable via an App, Iphone version or Google Play version.
  • LED Chip Type: COB (chip on board)
  • Beam Angle: 40 degrees
  • Dimmable
  • Lumens: 650lm
  • Finishes: Supplied with 3 different bezels that include: white, chrome and brushed aluminium
  • Fire rated
  • IP65 rated, suitable for use in bathrooms zones 1 and 2.
  • CRI: 80
  • Product code: 9417
  • Manufacturer: Crompton Lamps / Crompton Phoebe
  • Life expectancy: 50,000 hours
  • Guarantee: 5 years

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Will be used as soffit lights would recommend to anyone and look high quality seem easy to install with push fit in the driver

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They seems to work as described but I haven't installed them yet. So difficult to say.

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  • Diameter: 80mm
  • Height: 55mm
  • Cut out size: 67-70mm

Data Sheet

Operating Instructions

Trouble Shooting Advice

One of our customers experienced a few issues with the Crompton Spectrum during installation and passed on his advice:

We had a few issues pairing them to the app (6 resets before we got all 14 linked) but eventually managed to get it done. I thought I would give a brief-ish description of what happened because there is absolutely zero support anywhere on the internet and no troubleshooting on the app or in any of the instruction manuals.

The problem happens when trying to pair the lights to the app

    1. After performing the full reset of the lights as per the instructions, the light halos flash different colours to let you know they are available for pairing.
    2. All 14 appear in the ‘add lights’ section of the app.
    3. You pair them one by one and it always worked fine for the first 10-12 lights.
    4. After this, you would click on a light to add it and the progress bar would go up to 90% and then it would say ‘fail’. The light would then disappear from the list of available lights and be un-discover-able in the app but when you test the network it would respond as if it was added.
    5. This means that you cannot control it from the app because although it ‘thinks’ its on the network, you cannot pair it to a switch or add it a group meaning it is left doing its own thing. Ultimately you’re left with 12-13 lights doing one thing and one or two doing another.
    6. You could tell this was going to happen to a particular light (and it was always a different light so not a problem with the lights themselves) as when you click on it first time it wouldn’t respond to the click at first, then you click again and it would go to 15% and stop but it would stay in the list. When you clicked again it went to 90% and failed.
    7. The way we found to get round this was if the light did not respond to the first click, turn the lights off at the main switch, exit the app, turn the lights back on again and go back in to the app to try to add it. It seemed to reset the Bluetooth connection and as long as the ‘fail’ hasn’t happened it would still be discover-able. Also if you hit test network at this point (before adding it), the light that hasn’t been added wouldn’t respond to the test like it does after a ‘fail’.
    8. If you get a ‘fail’ when trying to add one of the lights and it responds to the network test, the only way around this is to reset the whole lot and start again as there is no way to reset individual lights for pairing.

If you're having difficulties with your installation please contact us: 01706 521188, or contact Crompton Lamps technical at: 01274 657 088 or visit their website.

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