Water Resistant IP68 LED Tape (Priced Per Metre)

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Our range of IP68 LED tape is fully water resistant making it the ideal choice for external applications.

Water Resistant IP68 LED Tape (Priced Per Metre) is available to buy in increments of 0.1
  • Features

    Our range of IP68 LED tape is fully water resistant making it the ideal choice for external applications. Although its main purpose is for use outdoors it can also be used internally, especially in wet areas such as bathrooms or steam rooms.

    The single colour warm white 2700K, 3000K and cool white 4000K versions contains a new SMD2835 LED chip type that has 60 LEDs per metre offering an almost seamless array of light, similar to a fluorescent. Our latest edition to the IP68 LED tape range is the RGBW and RGBWW versions. These are a combination of colour changing and cool or warm white strips in one neat, easy to install tape. These types of LED strips provide a combination of mood lighting and ambient lighting. Ideal for situations when you want a normal white light or if you want to switch to a colour change effect. Providing ambient and mood lighting in one.

    It is easy to install, it has a self adhesive backing and can also be stuck to a surface using mounting clips. Priced per metre, our standard stock lengths are 10 metre reels which can be cut down to the exact length you require. One of the key advantages of using LED tape is that it allows you to illuminate the exact length or area you need to, unlike a fluorescent fitting that is supplied in specific lengths.

    IP68 LED tape is factory sealed in a clear silicone coating which provides superior water and dust protection. The silicone IP68 coating is more robust than IP65 allowing it to deal with the harsh elements of outdoors and doesn't require an additional profile rail to protect it. It can even be fully submersed into a pond or water feature. Please note that no push on connectors are available for this range, and the total meterage ordered online will be sent as a single length up to 10M. If you wish to cut this into multiple lengths, then you would be required to solder a new connection onto the tape and seal it accordingly. If you require multiple lengths, please email a list of your requirements and we can cut and solder this to your exact specifications.

    Key Features

    • Colour temperatures & LEDs per metre:
      - 2700K Extra warm white 60 LEDs per metre  
      - 3000K Warm white 60 LEDs per metre
      - 4000K Cool white 60 LEDs per metre
      - RGB Colour changing 60 LEDs per metre
      - High output RGB Colour changing 96 LEDs per metre
      - RGBW Colour changing & cool white 96 LEDs per metre
      - RGBWW Colour changing & warm white 96 LEDs per metre
    • Voltage: 24V DC (12V DC available on request in large quantities)
    • Priced per metre
    • Wattage: 14.4 watt per metre. Except for high output RGB, RGBW and RGBWW which is 23 watt per metre
    • Lumens:
      - 2700K 1068 lumens per metre
      - 3000K 1068 lumens per metre
      - 4000K 1200 lumens per metre
      - RGB 960 lumens per metre
      - High output RGB 1056 lumens per metre
      - RGBW & RGBWW 1400 lumens per metre
    • LED chip types: 
      - 2700K, 3000K & 4000K is SMD2835
      - RGB and high output RGB are SMD5060
      - RGBW & RGBWW is SMD5060 with SMD2835
    • Beam angle: 120 degrees
    • CRI: 90 high colour rendering
    • LED chip brand: Epistar
    • Dimmable? Yes but the right LED driver or controller must be selected:
      - For single colour strips check out our mains dimmable LED drivers.
      - Colour changing strips require a non-dimmable driver as the controller does the dimming and colour changing click here to view.
    • Life expectancy: 50,000 hours
    • Working temperature: -35 to 60 degrees C.
    • Guarantee: 3 years
    • Rated at IP68 fully water and dust resistant
    • UV resistant.
    • Approvals: RoHS, CE and FCC.
    • Brand: LED Strip Fit

    LED Driver Table

    1M 14.4W ECP15-24VF-1 ELED-15-24T
    2M 28.8W LPV-60-24 ELED-30P-24T
    3M 43.2W
    LPV-60-24 ELED-60P-24T
    5M 72W LPV-100-24 ELED-90P-24T
    10M 144W HLG-150H-24A ELED-150P-24T
  • Specifications & Dimensions
    Beam Angle
    120 Degrees
    Brand LED Strip Fit
    90 Ra
    Cap Type Integrated LED
    Colour Temperature
    Dimensions Located Below Specifications Table
    Dimmable Yes
    GTiN 612292192471
    IP Rating
    Life Expectancy 50,000 Hours
    Product Type LED Tape
    Sku LEDST602835IP68*
    24V DC
    Warranty 5 Years

    Warm White Cool White & RGB Strips

    • Width: 14mm (with wide 16mm end caps)
    • Height: 4.5mm
    • Cut points are every 100mm
    • Reel length: 10M but available to cut and can be supplied however you need it.

    RGBW & RGBWW Strips

    • Width: 14mm (with wide 16mm end caps)
    • Height: 4.5mm
    • Cut points are every 125mm
    • Reel length: 10M but available to cut and can be supplied however you need it.
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    Q & A

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    I’m looking for IP68 led strip
    Question by: Neil lee on 12 Apr 2022, 15:16
    Yes, this LED strip tape is fully IP68 rated. Its sealed to provide protection against water and dust ingress.
    Answer by: Chris Horridge (Admin) on 13 Apr 2022, 07:52
    Does the tape have an adhesive backing? and can it be used submerged without losing the adhesive?
    Question by: Mike on 28 Apr 2022, 09:50
    Yes it does have a self adhesive backing. If you're fully submerging it we'd recommend fixing it with some saddle clips which we can supply without any additional charge.
    Answer by: Chris Horridge (Admin) on 28 Apr 2022, 16:44
    Does this strip come with plug and if so what is the wire length? Do I need a controller too?
    Question by: Julian on 30 Apr 2022, 19:55
    This LED tape is 24V DC, you need an additional LED driver to power it. The size of the driver is determined by the length of the LED tape.

    Its 14.4W per metre
    A 1 metre length would require a 20W 24V DC Driver.

    I've added an LED driver table in the main description with links to each size.

    The input cable length is 1 metre. We can provide longer input cables though, to any length you desire.
    Answer by: Chris Horridge (Admin) on 2 May 2022, 09:59

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  • Product Codes
    • LEDST602835IP68EW - Extra warm white 2700K
    • LEDST602835IP68WW - Warm white 3000K
    • LEDST602835IP68CW - Cool white 4000K
    • LEDST96RGB/24V-IP68 - High output RGB colour changing
    • LEDST96RGBW/24VN-IP68 - RGB colour changing with cool white 4000K
    • LEDST96RGBWW/24VN-IP68 - RGB colour changing with warm white 3000K