LED Candles & Light Bulbs

As LED lighting technology continues to develop, LED candle and general light bulbs have evolved from disappointingly dim to amazingly bright. Read More Below

LED Candles & Light Bulbs
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When LEDs first appeared on the market they did not lend themselves well to candles possibly due to the 360 degree beam requirement. Earlier 2W versions only offered an alternatives to a 10W incandescent and were not much brighter than an actual wax candle light.

Lighting manufacturers such as Philips Lighting are now on their fourth and fifth attempts and have finally nailed it! The new Philips 6W candle in-particularly is super bright producing 470 lumens, a true 40W equivalent - or the even brighter 8W LED candle, which is a 60W equivalent. The Philips range is mainly dimmable as standard while we offer options of dimmable and non dimmable from brands like Integral LED.

Our range of LED candles lamps are now the complete package offering the long lasting, low energy lighting solution that our customers demand!