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Colour Temperature
Most of the LED lights we offer are available in the big 3 colour temperatures which are:

2700K - Extra warm white has a warmer tone, like a halogen, although not quite as orange.

3000K - Warm white is a mid range colour tone. Not as orange as 2700K and not as harsh as 4000K. This is the most popular colour temperature.

4000K - Cool white (or neutral white), although clearer and slightly brighter than the others, it can make a room feel cold and clinical. Used correctly in the right environment it can make a room appear more modern.

If you're unsure about colour temperatures we have colour temperature adjustable downlights available. These downlights contain multiple colour temperatures that can be changed either by a dip switch, wall switch or App. More information about them can be found here.

If you want a brighter light then choose something with more lumens. The brightness difference in colour temperatures is barely 5%.

One of the best ways to choose the right finish is to make sure that your new downlights match other items in the room. Perhaps you've got brushed steel switches, sockets and door handles? Then brushed steel downlights would be a great match.

Polished chrome is popular for bathrooms as it matches taps and other bathroom equipment.

But matt white is our most popular finish as it blends less noticeably into the ceiling.

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Beam Angle
Need help with choosing the right beam angle? Follow this link here to learn about beam angles.

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IP Rating
This is the resistance to dust and moisture. The first digit is for the resistance to dust and the second digit is for moisture.

Anything higher than IP44 can be used in bathroom zones 1 and 2.

An IP65 rating offers a higher resistance and is generally used outdoors. 

An IP68 is fully water resistant and can be submersed in water, up to 1M in depth.

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Our Advice

LED Downlights

LED downlights are the most advanced type of downlights available, providing the clearest and brightest lighting effect and using the lowest amount of energy in the process. We have a large selection on offer from the UK's leading brands. We stock a vast range of high quality professional LED downlights. Why buy cheap unbranded LED downlights when you can buy trusted brands like Aurora or Halers for the same price?

Buy securely online today or contact us on 01706 521188 to discuss your individual lighting requirements.

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£260.10 Incl. VAT (£216.75 Excl. VAT)
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£260.10 Incl. VAT (£216.75 Excl. VAT)
RRP. £346.80 Save 25%

8 Things To Remember When Buying LED Downlights

1. Don’t Just Go Straight For The Cheapest Downlights Or LEDs On The Market.

Like with most things in life, you get what you pay for and LED downlights are no different. If you look closely at the specifications, higher priced products come with longer guarantee periods, longer life expectancies and are usually brighter with higher lumen outputs.

Market leading brands that we offer like Aurora, JCC and Philips produce superior quality products that are built to last. Some brands like Philips and Aurora have a range of premium quality products and a range of economy products such as Philips Master Value and Aurora Enlite.

These economy brands have become more popular than the premium ones due to the value they offer. Although the life expectancies are guarantees are deliberately lower, they are long enough.

2. Don’t Expect Dimmable LED Downlights To Work With Your Existing Dimmer Switch.

Unless you’ve already got an LED compatible dimmer switch such as the Varilight V-Pro it’s unlikely that your dimmer switch will work. When you turn on your lights you may get a flickering or strobing effect which is due to incompatibility. To resolve this issue, you can either purchase a brand new LED compatible dimmer switch which includes the wall plate or you could just purchase a retrofit module.

Browse our range of LED dimmer switches by clicking this link

A retrofit module can be easily swapped over allowing you to keep the existing finish of wall plate you’ve got. If you’ve got a four gang dimmer switch you may only need to replace one of the modules as you’ve still got halogens on the other circuits.

3. Don’t Even Consider Buying Halogen Downlights!

As of September 2016 GU10 halogens are banned from production and importation within the EU. Although it is still legal to buy them, this ruling shows how grossly inefficient they are.

4. Do Consider Your Existing Lighting Setup.

If you’re happy with your current GU10 downlights but just want something more energy efficient than halogen, you can upgrade to LED with GU10 or MR16 lamps, found in our "led bulbs section".

If you fancy a change and want something more modern looking, integrated LED downlights not only look better but they also perform better than retrofit.

This is because the entire downlight is built around the LED light source to provide optimum heat dissipation and brightness.

5. Measure Your Existing Hole Sizes And Ceiling Void Spaces.

Make sure your new downlights are going to fit inside them. All of the dimensions for our downlights can be found in the dimension’s tab of each product. If you do order them wrong then fear not as we offer a free 30 days returns policy.

6. Consider Buying Dimmable LEDs Downlights

Dimmable LED Downlights are a great way to control the lighting levels in your home and create the perfect look to your rooms. Even if you’ve not got a dimmer switch in place, why don’t you get one? A dimmer switch not only lets you adjust the level of brightness of your lights but it also saves energy and extends the lifetime of your LEDs.

This is because you’re not constantly running them at 100%, you’re giving them a rest.

7. Do Consider The Building Regulations Such As Part B Which Relates To Fire Safety.

Fire rated downlights seal off the hole and restore the ceilings natural ability to protect your home from a fire. Although fire rated downlights don't prevent fire from spreading, they do help slow down the rate at which fire spreads through your ceiling holes, giving you more time to escape in the event of a fire.

Not only this, fire rated LED Downlights also help you abide by Part B building regulations, which can be found here.

8. Do you have thermal insulation in your ceiling void?

If not, you should consider getting some as valuable heat can escape through the downlight holes and into your loft space. Or if you’ve previously cut a hole in your insulation you should patch it up as a recessed downlight can act like a chimney and draw in the warm air from a room.

Once you’ve got thermal insulation you’ll need insulation coverable downlights or loft caps. These products allow you to lay thermal insulation on top of the lights. And just because a downlight is fire rated it doesn’t mean it’s insulation coverable.

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