Dimmable LED Strip

  • Adjust the Brightness or Your LED Tape
  • Wide Range of Dimmable Drivers
  • Dim with an LED Compatible Dimmer
Dimmable LED Strip
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Dimmable LED strip tape is not just one individual product, it's made up with a dimmable LED driver, an LED compatible dimmer switch and the LED tape itself. Read More Below

Choosing the right components for your projects is based on the following criteria:

  1. Total wattage of the LED strip tape. This is determined by the wattage per metre, multiplied by the total metres of LED tape on your run (or runs).
  2. Wattage rating of the mains dimmable LED driver. If you've got 75W of LED tape, you'll need an 80W LED driver. Whatever the total wattage of the LED strip tape is; you need an LED driver that's big enough to carry the load.
  3. LED compatible dimmer switch. A dimmer switch that will dim LEDs smoothly, to low levels with flicker free results. Dimming can be done via rotary dimmer switch, home automation system, handheld remote control or even a smartphone.

Dimmable LED Strip Tape

You can dim almost any version of LED strip tape providing you've got the full set of components. If you want to dim colour changing RGB LED tape then you dim and control it using the controller, which means you need a non dimmable LED driver to power it. The controller does the dimming.

When you have a single colour version of LED strip tape such as warm white, colour white or blue etc you can dim it using these components.

Mains Dimmable LED Driver

We offer a selection of mains dimmable LED drivers that range from miniature sizes with a minimum load of just 0.75W and bigger drivers up to 300W.

Each size is available in 12V DC and 24V DC outputs. There are other styles of dimmable drivers available such as 0-10V, DALI and DMX but if you want to dim LED tape with a normal dimmer switch then mains dimming which also known as TRIAC is the best and often most economical option to go for.

LED Compatible Dimmer Switch

An LED compatible dimmer switch needs to be either trailing edge or leading edge. This can include home automation systems such as Lutron Grafik Eye, Lightwave, Aurora AOne and many more. For a basic LED dimmer switch, the Varilight V-Pro will dim up to 120 watts of LED tape. For longer runs or bigger loads you'd need the Varilight V-Com and use a bigger LED driver. Or you can break down the runs into small sections, the possibilities are endless.

Dimmable & Colour Temperature Adjustable

One of our latest additions is the Sunset Strip LED tape. This new design of strip lighting is not only dimmable but it reduces in colour temperature as it gets dimmed. At full brightness, it produces a clear 3000K effect, then as it gets dimmed, it becomes warmer until it reaches 1800K which is at around 10% in brightness.

Usually you need a special controller for this functionality, but this is mains dimmable and just requires a dimmable driver and dimmer switch. This offers a modern ambient lighting effect combined with a more subdued, relaxed lighting effect. One example of this being used to great effect is in a kitchen, with the 3000K used for chopping and the 1800K used for a background, sunset effect.


If you need further assistance please contact us on: 01706 521188, we've been selling dimmable LED strip lighting for many years, ever since this amazing technology first became available, way back in 2010. We've helped many customers to fulfil their lighting ambitions over the years.

If you've got a drawing or plan, email your requirements to [email protected] and we'll respond with a project based quotation that includes all of the components you need.