LED Strips Packs or Per Metre

  • High Performance LED Tape
  • Made To Measure Service Available
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LED Strips Packs or Per Metre
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    Collingwood IP44 5M LED Strip Pack With Driver
    Collingwood LED Strip Pack With Driver 72W 5M Kit
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Our extensive selection of premium LED strips are available to order per metre, in pack sizes or in made-to-measure lengths.

LED strip tape is the ultimate versatile lighting solution that can be cut down to size. If you're interested in our made-to-measure service just send us an email with the lengths you need and type of LED tape you're interested in. We can then send you a quotation that includes everything you need.

Each individual length can be cut, soldered and ready to install, saving you or your electrician valuable time and effort. No matter how large or small your application is, our LED Strip Fit tape can be supplied to the exact measurements you require. We can specify LED drivers and controls. Browse our range or contact us on 01706 521188 or email your requirements to [email protected].

Our range includes various IP ratings, with IP68 providing complete resistance to water, IP65 which is water resistant to splashes and IP20 which has no resistance.

We have 3 main tiers of brightness levels which are:

  • 4W per metre - High efficiency and fairly bright and very low energy
  • 14.4W per metre - Mid level output and bright enough for most applications
  • 15W per metre - COB Seamless, dot free lighting array with shorter cutting points
  • 26W per metre - High output, used in more specialised applications