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LED Tape 14.4W/M IP65 High CRI (Priced Per Metre)
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LED Tape 14.4W/M IP65 High CRI (Priced Per Metre)

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LED tape is a self adhesive lighting strip that contains a row of LEDs. It is is a versatile lighting solution that can be used in many lig... more info

1 Select Colour Temperature
Most of the LED lights we offer are available in the big 3 colour temperatures which are:

2700K - Extra warm white has a warmer tone, like a halogen, although not quite as orange.

3000K - Warm white is a mid range colour tone. Not as orange as 2700K and not as harsh as 4000K. This is the most popular colour temperature.

4000K - Cool white (or neutral white), although clearer and slightly brighter than the others, it can make a room feel cold and clinical. Used correctly in the right environment it can make a room appear more modern.

If you're unsure about colour temperatures we have colour temperature adjustable downlights available. These downlights contain multiple colour temperatures that can be changed either by a dip switch, wall switch or App. More information about them can be found here.

If you want a brighter light then choose something with more lumens. The brightness difference in colour temperatures is barely 5%.

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LED tape is a self adhesive lighting strip that contains a row of LEDs. It is a versatile lighting solution that can be used in many lighting applications. LED tape is easy to install, smaller installations can be done in a matter of minutes with no experience required. Each strip has a self adhesive backing, which can be peeled off and stuck to any clean surface. It can be cut down to the exact length you want allowing you to illuminate the exact length or area you need to.

As part of our 'LED Strip Fit' range we are able to supply the strips to your exact specifications. This includes pre-cut strips from as small as 50mm ranging to 100+ metres. We can included soldered connecting cables to any length you desire. Longer lengths require a bit more planning so feel free to contact us directly and we will advise on the best possible solution for your project.

Rated at IP65, it is manufactured with silicone glue coating which improves heat dissipation and increases its life expectancy when compared to inferior resin which can deteriorate over time. Our new and improved 60 LEDs per metre tape now features an SMD2835 LED chip type with high colour rendering optics as standard. The higher 90CRI rated LED chips are able to reproduce colours more accurately and is even brighter.

Superseding the once market leading SMD5050 LED chip type, SMD2835 is brighter and is the ideal choice for the majority of domestic or commercial applications. Available in 2700K extra warm white, 3000K warm white, 4000K cool white colour temperatures and RGB colour changing.


  • LEDs per metre: 60 LEDs per metre. Also available in a lower output 30 LEDs per metre version.
  • Priced per metre
  • Colour temperatures and lumens:
    - 2700K Extra warm white - 960 lumens per metre
    - 3000K Warm white - 960 lumens per metre
    - 4000K Cool White - 1080 lumens per metre
    - RGB Colour changing - 960 lumens per metre
  • Voltage: Available in 12V DC or 24V DC
  • Wattage: 14.4 watt per metre
  • LED type: SMD2835 (supersedes SMD5050)
  • Beam angle: 120 degrees produces a nice even beam spread
  • CRI: High CRI90 - reproduces colours more vividly 
  • LED chip type: Epistar
  • Dimmable? Yes but the right LED driver or controller must be selected:
    - For single colour strips check out our mains dimmable LED drivers. CLICK HERE.
    - Colour changing strips require a non-dimmable driver as the controller does the dimming and colour changing. CLICK HERE.
  • Life expectancy: 50,000 hours
  • Guarantee: 3 years
  • Rated at IP65 fully water and dust resistant (also available in IP20)
  • Approvals: RoHS, CE and FCC.
  • Brand: LED Strip Fit

Power Supplies

Because these LED strips operate on low voltage (12V or 24V DC) they require a power supply (or LED driver) to power them. It is important to select the correct LED driver to meet the demands of your application.

The rating of the power supply is determined by the length of LED strip you require. You multiply the wattage per metre which is 14.4W by the total length of LED tape. See our table of power below for some examples using our non dimmable LED drivers:


Depending on your application and which type of LED strip you require, you may need a controller. If you're using single colour LED strip they can be switched on and off by a light switch. You would need to wire the LED driver into your lighting circuit. If you wanted to dim single colour LED strips, you can dim them using an ordinary LED dimmer switch but you will also need a mains dimmable LED driver which we also have in stock.

Colour changing (RGB) LED strip is different as you will obviously want to change colours and have different lighting effects such as fade in / out and flashing modes etc. Our LED controllers range from basic infra-red to more advanced RF (radio frequency) to Wi-Fi controlled.

Some of our RF and Wi-Fi controllers allow multiple runs of strips to be controlled wirelessly from the same controller. This is allows different runs to be controlled at the same time without having to run an additional cable between them.

For a basic single zone colour changing controller we recommend our RF easy controller:

For more complicated runs were you want to have multiple runs (known as zones) you can use one controller to operate them all. You'll need to use multiple receivers and a controller like these items:

You can then control up to 8 different lighting zones individual or collectively by using one remote control.

Other Accessories

For longer runs, usually over 10 metres you may require additional amplifiers, receivers or cables. We can also supply any LED strip with a pre-soldered connecting cable to any length you need. 

Cutting & Soldering

Although we offer this service, here's a video that shows you how to do it yourself. You can either solder a cable directly onto the end or solder a female or male connecting pin.


Our experienced design team can help you plan out your installation every step of the way. We can provide you with your own personal wiring diagram and help you select the right LED drivers and accessories. If you've got some plans or just an idea please contact us for advice by email or telephone at: 01706 521188.

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Great product, very good for under cabinet lighting

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I cut up the LED tape to use the shorter strips in experimentation and prototyping. It's easy to work with, durable and very bright. Great overall.

0 out of 0 people found this review helpful
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For my project I needed 2 x 1.5m. The product information was not clear, as I recall, that a length would be provided with connection to 2 core flex. I purchase 3M and 2 croc clips which as it turns out now only require 1 croc clip. The better option would have been to order two pieces of LED tap!

0 out of 0 people found this review helpful
Did you find this review helpful?

Only thing I would add is to say for the hobbyist that you do need to solder if you are splitting the length of LED strip, it maybe obvious for sparks but not to the rest of us

0 out of 0 people found this review helpful
Did you find this review helpful?

Great product, used to repair water damaged ceiling led light fitting

0 out of 0 people found this review helpful
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60 LED Per Metre 12V

  • Cut points: Every 50mm
  • Width: 10mm
  • Height: 1mm
  • Max length without 'volt drop': 5M

60 LED Per Metre 24V

  • Cut points: Every 100mm
  • Width: 10mm
  • Height: 1mm
  • Max length without 'volt drop': 10M

LED Tape Data Sheet SMD2835 | Downlights Direct

60 LEDs Per Metre 12V

  • LEDST602835EW - Extra warm white 2700K
  • LEDST602835WW - Warm white 3000K
  • LEDST602835CW - Cool white 4000K
  • LEDST60RGB - Colour changing RGB

60 LEDs Per Metre 24V

  • LEDST602835EW/24V - Extra warm white 2700K
  • LEDST602835WW/24V - Warm white 3000K
  • LEDST602835CW/24V - Cool white 4000K
  • LEDST60RGB/24V - Colour changing RGB

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