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Collingwood 7W MR16 LED Spot Light 700mA

Collingwood 7W MR16 LED Spot Light 700mA

Product-code: LL090AS

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Collingwood 7W MR16 LED Spot Light 700mA

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1 Select Colour Temperature
Most of the LED lights we offer are available in the big 3 colour temperatures which are:

2700K - Extra warm white has a warmer tone, like a halogen, although not quite as orange.

3000K - Warm white is a mid range colour tone. Not as orange as 2700K and not as harsh as 4000K. This is the most popular colour temperature.

4000K - Cool white (or neutral white), although clearer and slightly brighter than the others, it can make a room feel cold and clinical. Used correctly in the right environment it can make a room appear more modern.

If you're unsure about colour temperatures we have colour temperature adjustable downlights available. These downlights contain multiple colour temperatures that can be changed either by a dip switch, wall switch or App. More information about them can be found here.

If you want a brighter light then choose something with more lumens. The brightness difference in colour temperatures is barely 5%.

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Collingwood 7W MR16 LED Spot Light 700mA

This low-energy, 50mm MR16 LED unit is a cost-saving alternative to expensive and maintenance hungry LV and GU halogens. It's a zero maintenance replacement that fits straight into existing LV housings, including ground lights, downlights, and wall lights. The three high-power LEDs within this 6W lamp emit more light than a 35W halogen, yet they run at a fraction of the cost. No transformer needed.


  • Wattage: 7W 700mA
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour Temperature: Available in Daylight 6000K, Cool White 4000K, Warm White 3000K and Blue.
  • Beam Angle: 18 degrees
  • LUX: 5330lx lm
  • Face Temperature: 58°C
  • Plug and Play
  • Incorporated heat-sink for greater heat dissipation
  • Manufacturer: Collingwood Lighting

  • Overall Diameter: 50mm
  • Fitting Depth: 23mm
  • LL090A-S-WH - Daylight (LL090ASWH)
  • LL090A-S-NW - Cool White (LL090ASNW)
  • LL090A-S-WW - Warm White (LL090ASWW)
  • LL090A-S-BL - Blue (LL090ASFBL)

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