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Surface Mounted Downlights

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Colour Temperature
Most of the LED lights we offer are available in the big 3 colour temperatures which are:

2700K - Extra warm white has a warmer tone, like a halogen, although not quite as orange.

3000K - Warm white is a mid range colour tone. Not as orange as 2700K and not as harsh as 4000K. This is the most popular colour temperature.

4000K - Cool white (or neutral white), although clearer and slightly brighter than the others, it can make a room feel cold and clinical. Used correctly in the right environment it can make a room appear more modern.

If you're unsure about colour temperatures we have colour temperature adjustable downlights available. These downlights contain multiple colour temperatures that can be changed either by a dip switch, wall switch or App. More information about them can be found here.

If you want a brighter light then choose something with more lumens. The brightness difference in colour temperatures is barely 5%.

One of the best ways to choose the right finish is to make sure that your new downlights match other items in the room. Perhaps you've got brushed steel switches, sockets and door handles? Then brushed steel downlights would be a great match.

Polished chrome is popular for bathrooms as it matches taps and other bathroom equipment.

But matt white is our most popular finish as it blends less noticeably into the ceiling.

Cap Type

Beam Angle
Need help with choosing the right beam angle? Follow this link here to learn about beam angles.


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Downlight Type

Fire Rated


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Voltage / Current

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Depth / Height

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IP Rating
This is the resistance to dust and moisture. The first digit is for the resistance to dust and the second digit is for moisture.

Anything higher than IP44 can be used in bathroom zones 1 and 2.

An IP65 rating offers a higher resistance and is generally used outdoors. 

An IP68 is fully water resistant and can be submersed in water, up to 1M in depth.

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Insulation Coverable

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Surface Mounted Downlights

Surface downlights are a great option when you don't enough space to install recessed downlights. And because they are surface mounted they don't need to be fire rated as you are not cutting into the ceiling.

This type of downlight can be used in installations where Cellotex insulation is present, if you are unable to create gap for a recess downlight install surface mount downlights instead.

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