Christmas is a long-awaited season by many, and for good reason. It is a time for good cheer, presents, reunions with family and friends, good food, and special holidays. And whilst many of us are looking forward to the season by buying Christmas gifts and presents, most of us have plans of get-togethers and hosting a beautiful Christmas feast for our loved ones. If you are planning a festive Christmas feast in your own home, you know very well that the food you serve matters – but aside from this, other aspects matter as well, such as the décor and lighting of your Christmas table.

You’d want a Christmas table that’s not only laden with food, but decorated in a brilliant and attractive way as well. The décor and lighting count for a lot if you want to make a great impression on your guests. Here, then, is how to achieve the perfect lighting and the perfect décor for Christmas dinner.

Downlight Decor

A frost-inspired Christmas table

One idea would be to mix and match cool and crisp winter-inspired colours with frosty glassware for a Scandinavian-inspired look and feel. Combining colours such as grey and white can give your Christmas table a unique, North Pole theme which your guests will certainly appreciate. If you want your guests to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ a little more, you can embellish your frosted glasses with berries, eucalyptus leaves, and other forest finds. A true winter wonderland look is not that difficult to attain – and with these few simple decorative ideas, your table can be as festive as can be.

A country theme

Another great idea for a unique Christmas table with unique lighting would be a country theme. Think red and green colours combined with plain and tartan tablecloths. If you want to make it even more rustic, make use of natural placemats, cutlery with wooden handles, and a mixture of candles right in the middle of the table to serve as additional Christmas lights placed in natural-looking candle holders. For more impact, why not create a name or place holder by threading herbs, nuts, and berries to make a garland and placing the name or place holder right in the middle?

Christmas Table Light

Green, red, and white is a special sight

We’ve always associated Christmas with the colours green, red, and white – so why not make the most of these Christmassy colours by amply using them in your Christmas table? A green or red striped tablecloth automatically adds festive appeal, and this, mixed with white plates and candles, can really make your Christmas dinner table stand out. Use gleaming silverware and glass, and bring it all together with scarlet berries and green leaves as centre-pieces. If you want, you can even amplify your table’s look with special silver placemats and glassware in a scarlet or cranberry colour. And if you want a truly memorable, celebratory ambience, turn on your dining room chandelier or dining room lighting or change the bulbs of your existing lighting for a more luxurious, cosy glow.

The glamorous side

If you want a bit more glamour for your Christmas table, it’s easy to do it. The trick is to use the right colours and textures, such as glamorous rose gold and velvet. With this combination, you couldn’t go wrong. For added appeal, make use of indigo-coloured velvet tableware – the mix of rose gold or copper tones and the dark tint of indigo creates a great visual impact.

Bring out the charm

A charming Christmas table can also be had by using a combination of Christmas biscuits (whether you bake them yourself or buy them from your nearest bake shop or confectioner). Simply create a unique centre-piece with some colourful biscuits and a metal stand. String the biscuits with ribbons and hang them on the stand, and voila – you have an attractive Christmas centre-piece within minutes. If you don’t have a stand, you can also make use of a jewellery stand or a mug tree. To enhance the look of your centre-piece, wreath the stand’s base with fresh leaves and foliage and add some gold accessories.

A Victorian-inspired Christmas table

Victorian Christmas traditions are popular in their own right, from mulled wine to sweet dessert treats and everything else in between. You can create your own Victorian-inspired Christmas table with garlands made of nuts (pecan nuts are a great choice) and a great big Christmas bauble. With a miniature Christmas tree placed on the centre of the table and decorated with nuts as well as vintage-style tableware, you’re all set.

Phillips Light Bulb

A dramatic, elegant setting

You can also add a bit of drama to your Christmas table (especially if you have a dark, natural stone tabletop) by combining blush or pale pink accents with dark colours. Go for plates in black and white patterns and combine these with serving platters made of marble, and you’d have a striking, dramatic, and elegant Christmas table. For a more memorable table, you can also use amber-coloured glassware as well as blush napkins and copper-toned accessories. To make your guests feel extra special, place a name setting on their plate using a small, copper- or gold-coloured gift box.

Of course, your Christmas table décor needs to be sufficiently highlighted with the proper Christmas lights – and the good news is you can easily do this with the right kind of lighting. If you’re lucky enough to have a chandelier for a centre-piece on top of your dinner table, you should make full use of its brightness and brilliance (and if you have the budget for it, why not go all out and purchase a beautiful chandelier to replace your boring, old dining table light? – it’s the perfect time for it as well, and it’s definitely an investment). On the other hand, you can also take advantage of dimmable LED bulbs – simply replace your regular bulbs (if you don’t have dimmable LED bulbs yet) with these dimmable beauties – and you’d be amazed at how your dining table and your dining area’s ambience is transformed. Don’t forget to turn on your room lamps as well, particularly the lamps or lights in your living area, which can really give your entire home a festive, warm, and welcoming appeal.