Wall Lights Advice & Latest Information

Wall lights can help you to produce the most subtle lighting effects in your home or garden. We have a vast selection to choose from that includes dimmable and plaster-in. Plaster-in wall lights are made from gypsum which can be painted to match or contrast your walls. We offer a vast selection of integrated LED and retrofit lamp versions from the UK's leading brands.

  1. How Best to Light Up Your Home’s Exterior for the Summer: Some Top Tips

    How Best to Light Up Your Home’s Exterior for the Summer: Some Top Tips
    Your home should be a haven of comfort. It is, after all, where you spend almost all of your time (apart from your workplace, that is).
  2. Domestic Lighting

    Domestic Lighting
    Here at Downlights Direct, we have striking domestic lighting options to suit every preference. Whether you want to reduce your energy bills or you simply want to enhance your home with beautiful fixtures and fittings, we can help. We stock everything from ceiling lights and spotlights to wall lights and floor lamps so we can guarantee that you will be spoilt for choice.
  3. Our Recommended LED Wall Lights

    Our Recommended LED Wall Lights
    Wall lights can form a key part of any domestic or commercial lighting installation and can provide a great level of background lighting ambiance. There are many variations of wall lights available from a variety of leading brands. Our range includes some of the market leaders including Ansell, Philips, Astro lighting, LEDS C4, Collingwood and EcoLED.