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Downlights (or down lights) are a modern and elegant lighting option which complement the décor of any room; recess mounted into the ceiling, they offer a discrete alternative to the traditional lamp shade or light fixture. Perfect for domestic or commercial use, they provide an unrivalled crisp, clear lighting ambience.

With thousands of variations to choose from, choosing the most suitable ones for your home or business can be confusing as there are many different factors to consider. Obvious considerations such as the physical size of them - for example do you have any height restrictions or existing hole sizes?

When planning any domestic or commercial lighting project, there are also legal obligations that should be considered, please refer to the Building Regulations for further information.

We believe that the most important consideration should be energy efficiency; is the UK's leading supplier of energy efficient LED downlights, which can provide energy savings of up 90%, helping to reduce your energy consumption and providing a longer lasting alternative to both CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) and halogen.

LED technology has surpassed CFL in every way, mainly because it is longer lasting and provides instant 100% light output. CFL on the other hand can take up to two minutes to achieve 100% light output. There are two main ways for you to upgrade:

  1. Convert your existing halogen downlights into LED by replacing the halogen bulbs with GU10 LEDs. Doing this used to present a problem as most of the brighter GU10 LED bulbs were physically deeper in size and would not fit inside the existing housings. This is no longer a problem as many GU10 LEDs are the same physical size as halogen – only a few types are deeper such as the Philips 8W GU10.

    Or if you have low voltage MR16 downlights you can directly replace the 50W halogens with Philips 10W 
    MR16 LEDs, these will operate on the same low voltage transformers. Or you can convert them into mains voltage GU10 by using our GU10 converter kit and by-passing / disconnecting the transformer.

  2. Remove the existing halogen down lights and replace them with complete (or integrated) LED ones, such as the Halers H2 or EcoLED ZEP1. This new generation of downlighter is supplied as a complete fitting – it doesn’t require a lamp holder as the LED is integrated into the fitting and the LED driver is supplied with and often attached to it. The overall advantage of them is that they are brighter than GU10 LEDs and last two to three times longer. 

It’s worth noting that should the LED stop working, you would need to replace the entire fitting however, some LED downlights such as the Halers H2 Pro have a life expectancy of 75,000 hours. Based on six hours a day usage they will last for thirty-four years which means in they could even outlast their owner! Fit the light and forget about replacing another bulb ever again.

To find out more information about LED downlights check our guide which is available to download CLICK HERE.

One particular issue with LEDs is dimming them; you need to make sure that both the LED and dimmer switch are compatible. If you’re looking for dimmable LEDs then check out our range of LED compatible dimmer switches, we stock a huge range including leading edge and trailing edge in a variety of finishes. Trailing edge dimmer switches have a much lower minimum load making them ideal for use LED lights. We are able to offer expert advice on this subject and test many combinations ourselves.

If recessed downlights are not suitable for your room type or particular project then check out our range of LED and bathroom spotlights. We now offer a huge selection from brands like Philips and Astro lighting.

LED Strip lights are a versatile lighting solution that can add an amazing lighting effect to your room. The flexibility of LED strip lights allows them to be used in domestic applications such as kitchens or lounges or in commercial areas such as hotels, bars and night clubs. LED strip lights have cut points every 50mm; this allows them to be cut to almost the exact length that is required, making them the perfect choice for under cabinet kitchen lighting. was created to provide expert lighting advice and to ‘tell it like it is. While many other lighting suppliers simply don’t have the answers we can provide you with the facts you need and help you to make an informed purchase.

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