About Us

DownlightsDirect.co.uk was created to provide expert lighting advice and to ‘tell it like it is'. With the #1 aim of creating a simplified purchasing experience for a fairly complicated product. A product with many variants and choices; the recessed downlight.

While many other lighting suppliers don’t always have the answers we try to provide our customers with the facts you need and help you to make an informed purchase.

Downlights (or down lights) are a modern and elegant lighting option which complement the décor of any room; recess mounted into the ceiling, they offer a discrete alternative to the traditional lamp shade or light fixture. Perfect for domestic or commercial use, they provide an unrivalled crisp, clear lighting ambience.

With thousands of variations to choose from, choosing the most suitable ones for your home or business can be confusing as there are many different factors to consider. Obvious considerations such as the physical size of them - for example do you have any height restrictions or existing hole sizes? If you've got an existing hole size, measure it and try to get something that fits into the same hole.

We believe that the most important consideration should be energy efficiency; DownlightsDirect.co.uk is the UK's leading supplier of energy efficient LED downlights, which can provide energy savings of up 90%, helping to reduce your energy consumption and providing a longer lasting alternative to both CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) and halogen.

We are an electrical wholesaler called Expert Electrical Supplies Ltd and DownlightsDirect.co.uk is one of our websites. Based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester we stock the UK's most reliable brands and pride ourselves on service.

Electrical Wholesaler

Established in 2004, we've been selling downlights online even before the modern LED was used for general lighting purposes. By dealing with customers on the trade counter, we developed a deeper understanding about downlights. A wealth of knowledge that we wanted to share with the world...And that's why DownlightsDirect.co.uk was founded.

Listening and learning from our customers remains a key part of our business strategy. We're constantly evolving in an everchanging marketplace to meet the needs of our customers. We adapt fast and stay ahead of the competition by constantly adding new and innovative products.

We're now part of the Fegime Buying Group which empowers us to compete at the highest of all levels. With stronger buying powers, we buy in bulk and pass on the savings.

Here's a brief video that showcases our journey so far...