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A downlight or downlighter is a luminaire (light fitting) that emits light in a downward direction with an accurate but relatively narrow beam angle. The beam of light is focused and intense, providing an unparalleled, clear, bright lighting effect to the area or objects directly beneath them.

At Downlights Direct, we offer an extensive range of modern, low energy LED downlights from some of the worlds leading brands. We maintain a large selection from stock to ensure a fast, hassle-free delivery.

Your Guide To Downlights

Downlights have undoubtedly come a very long way since their inception, which is earlier than 1940. Although nobody knows who invented the recessed downlight, it’s certainly a great invention and something that is used in almost every home and business around the world.

Old, energy hungry reflector style lights with R95, R80 and R63 E27 downlights with big clunky brass trims are now a thing of the past. In more recent years the now outlawed 50 watt halogen has been replaced by modern, sleek, energy efficient LED alternatives. The future of downlighting technology is becoming brighter but physically smaller.

Trim-less downlights, which are plastered directly into your ceiling, are becoming increasingly popular. They are able to produce the brightest light output with the most minimalist appearance possible.

The market continues to be flooded by a deluge of countless downlighting options. At Downlights Direct we try hard to narrow down the options available and only offer the very best downlights on the market. Even with this strategy we still have thousands of different variations to choose from, with more being added by the day.

We've been providing LED downlight solutions since the very beginning, just as LED lighting technology was first being used in recessed downlights. We were one of the original online retailers to offer integrated LED downlights. Since they first came onto the scene in 2009, details of the very first ones can be found in our blog post here.

Recessed Lighting

As a specialist distributor in recessed lighting, our expert sales team can help you choose the right down lights for your home or business. We've put together this useful guide to help you along your journey...

How To Choose The Right Downlights For You

If you follow these 5 simple recommendations, choosing the right downlight for your home can be quick and easy:

  1. Buy fire rated; they're safer and can protect your home in the event of a fire. There are instances were a fire rating is not required but for 95% of domestic installations, downlights should be fire rated.

  2. Consider integrated downlights over GU10, they're more reliable and last longer. The price of integrated versions has reduced a lot recently and some don’t cost too much more.

  3. Do you have thermal insulation above your downlights? If so cutting around the insulation renders it almost useless. But if your purchase insulation coverable downlights you can lay the insulation directly on top.

  4. Whether you’re buying integrated LED or replaceable GU10 downlights, buy branded LEDs, in life you get what you pay for. For that little bit extra you'll get a whole lot more. Branded LEDs give you more lumens (brightness), longer lifetimes and longer, more reliable guarantees. This is even apparent when you compare manufacturers like Collingwood Lighting who have their own premium and economy brands. Unbranded LEDs would fall a few divisions below the Collingwood economy brand known as the H2 Lite.

  5. Budget, downlights can range vastly in price. Investing in LED downlights is a bit like buying a car. If you're only doing low mileage on them and the operating hours are around 3 hours per day then the economy series would be suitable such as the E5 or E8 downlights from the Aurora Enlite range.

Many of the higher priced, premium downlights have longer life expectancies of around 70,000, that’s a lifetime of up to 68 years if you only use them for 3 hours per day! Premium rated downlights also have longer guarantee periods, these are the key reasons why some downlights cost considerably more than others - you get what you pay for.

3 Typical Rooms Where You Can Install Downlights

Existing lounge Installation You're limited to the existing hole sizes and distances between each downlight. Ideally you just want something that matches the existing setup so you don’t have to re-plaster, make the holes bigger or spend too much unnecessary time, money or effort on it.

If you use the filters on the left hand side of each category page you can quickly narrow down your search to just a few downlighting options.

New Lounge Installation

You’ve either got a brand new room or you’re replacing a single light fixture with recessed downlights. This gives you a fresh canvas and the option to install anything you want. But what if you opted for brighter LED downlights with wider beam angles of 60 degrees instead of the traditional 40? This combination spreads the light out further allowing you to install fewer downlights and potentially saving you a few hundred pounds on installation costs.

You don't want your ceiling to be jam packed with downlights neither, less looks much better. This is the smarter option, although when you compare the one for one price of each unit, the brighter downlights cost more. Because you don’t need as many which can be around 30% less, the overall costs are less and your electrician doesn’t need to wire as many.

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Kitchen Downlight Installation

A kitchen is always the most time consuming when you’re doing lighting designs for homes. This is because it contains cupboard spaces, appliances and worktops which need to be considered as part of the design and each one has to be individually drawn.

If your kitchen is 9 metres by 9 metres you’re going to lose a lot of that area with cupboards and worktops. Depending on the heights of these, they may need to be considered as part of walls especially if the cupboards go right to the ceiling. This reduces the floor spaces and the area of the room that needs to be illuminated.

If you’ve got a smaller area to illuminate, like a 4x4 metre room for example, then a wider 60 degree beam wouldn’t work as well. A more intense 40 degree beam would be better. The reason for this is that the wider beams of light will be absorbed by your walls.

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Bathroom Downlight Installation

Bathroom lighting can make all of the difference when it comes to the aesthetics of the room. Due to the nature of a bathroom, with a lot of water an steam expected, it can be common for people to opt for a very basic lighting solution as a safety precaution. However, what people don't know is that bathroom downlights are actually the perfect marriage between safety and aesthetics.

Not only can these type of bathroom lights be used to illuminate the whole room, you can also have lights in specific areas such as sink alcoves and above the shower to offer extra illumination to these zones.

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