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Contemporary Switches and Sockets

Shop with us for switches and sockets and take your pick from a superb range of lighting brands. We stock innovative brands that allow you to take complete control over how you light your home. For example, the Varilight Multi-Point series provides customers with 2 and even 3 way dimming possibilities. Along with remote control switching, you don't even have to stand up!

Shop with us for the following:

  • In line dimmers
  • LED compatible dimmer switches
  • Pop up sockets with USB outlets
  • Switched power sockets
  • Touch dimmer switches
  • Home automation switches
  • Flat plate styles
  • Screwed and screw-less plate designs

This is only a few of the products in our collection. If you have any questions regarding our switches and sockets, get in touch with the team today.

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The Best Switches and Sockets for Around Your House

When it comes to our homes, many of us want only what’s best. Our homes are our investment, after all, and if you consider your home an asset (and rightly so), you know that outfitting it is an important endeavour. But outfitting your home in the proper way doesn’t just involve buying quality furniture, making use of the right equipment, and decorating it in a style that showcases your taste and preference.
Outfitting your home also involves having the right lighting – and it obviously follows that you need the proper switches and sockets as well. Sockets and switches are important, but did you also know that there are different types of sockets and switches for your needs?

Nowadays, there’s a varied range of sockets and switches suited for whatever purpose – from dimmer switches to standard light switches to fused spurs, double pole switches, fan isolator switches, blank plates, and a lot more. All these types of sockets and switches can increase your home’s efficiency in various ways. Here, then, is your guide to the best switches and sockets for around your house.

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches are inherently useful, allowing you to adjust the lighting in a particular room according to your mood or need. Previously, adjusting the lighting using dimmer switches could be complicated based on the light source you were using. If you were using incandescent or halogen lights, dimmer switches were easy to use. But if you were using dimmer switches for LEDs and CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps), you had to make sure that both the light and the dimmer switch were compatible. The good news, however, is that nowadays, thanks to more advanced technology, you can now use dimmer switches with LEDs and CFLs with ease, especially if you take advantage of Varilight’s V-Pro selection.

One of the most popular dimmer switches is the Varilight V-Pro LED dimmer switch, which is compatible with downlights and LED bulbs and lamps, as well as halogen lights, incandescent lights, and CFLs. It comes in a variety of finishes, and this includes brushed steel, premium white, white PVC, and polished chrome – making it perfect for whatever style or theme your home has. Other popular dimmer switches include Lightwave RF dimmer switches, the Varilight Eclique 2-touch dimmer switch, and the Varilight V-Pro dimmer switch for high wattage requirements (300W).

Light switches

Light switches are essential for every home, but you can also choose the design of the light switch to suit your theme. Our light switch selection comes in standard white, antique brass, bright chrome, satin brass, and more. Many homeowners are partial to the Varilight Screwless Flat Plate Switch (three-gang), which is comprised of 3 light switches and comes in an array of finishes, including brushed brass, iridium black, brushed steel, mocha brown, polished brass, polished chrome, premium black, and premium white. You can also choose from one-gang, two-gang, and four-gang light switches according to the room where your light switch will be placed.

Electrical Sockets

Needless to say, every home nowadays needs electrical sockets – they’re a necessary element, and for this, you also have a wide range of choices. One of the most basic electrical sockets you can choose is the Click unswitched socket, but you can also opt for switched sockets with either a single switch or double switch. If you’re installing an electrical socket outdoors, you need a weatherproof electrical socket, such as the Click AquIP 1-gang weatherproof empty socket enclosure. Sockets also come in different finishes, including antique brass, black nickel, and classic white.

Fused Spurs

If you need an alternative to a standard electrical socket, then you could make use of a fused spur. This accessory has a fuse built into it, allowing you to install more powerful appliances without any plug. Fused spurs are useful for appliances such as electric heaters, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances which use a lot of electricity. You can opt for fused spurs with manual switches or fused spurs which are unswitched. Our range of fused spurs includes the Click Definity INGOT fused sw.conn. unit with a flexible outlet insert, as well as the Click Definity 13A fused connection unit (lockable and switched), and more.

Back Boxes

In order to effectively fit your electrical socket into a wall, you need a back box. Back boxes come in various sizes and come in both metal and plastic. When it comes to back boxes, we offer a full range as well. This includes the Click 1-gang deep moulded pattress box (35mm), made from white PVC material, and the Click 1-gang to 2-gang deep surface pattress box (16mm). Other back boxes in our selection include the Click 2-gang deep pattress box conduit (29mm), and the Click 2-gang architrave pattress box.

Blank Plates and Flex Outlets

A blank plate can be used to conveniently cover up an electrical outlet which is no longer used; rather than ‘patching up’ an empty socket, you can simply screw in a blank plate into the frame previously occupied by the socket or outlet. A flex outlet is basically an outlet equipped with interior terminals, allowing fixed appliances such as water heaters or boilers to be connected to the wiring of your building.
Here at Downlights Direct, we have a complete range of blank plates & flex outlets on offer as well, including standard Click 1-gang or 2-gang blank plates, Click flex outlet plates (20A), and Hamilton Litestat single- or double-plank plates.

Cabinet Lights and Cupboard Switches

There’s no doubt that cabinet lights & cupboard switches can greatly increase your home’s efficiency, allowing you to quickly and easily get items from your cabinets and cupboards. Innovative manufacturers now allow you to benefit from automatic sensors, which make controlling the light in your home a real breeze. The range of cabinet lights and cupboard switches include the Infra-Red Sensor Switch (for LEDs), the Door Sensor with a single head, the Hand Swipe Dimming sensor switch (SENSDIM), the recessed touch dimmer (RECTD), and door switches in flush mount chrome or surface mount black.

Ceiling Roses and Pendants

Ceiling roses & pendants are used to complete the look and aesthetic appeal of your light fittings or chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Rather than have your electrical wiring exposed when you hang a chandelier or light fitting from the ceiling, you can make use of a ceiling rose or pendant. You can choose from the Click 6-inch ceiling pendant set, the Hager Klik 3-pin plug-in ceiling rose, the Click 4-pin flow connector ceiling rose (without a cover), and the standard Click ceiling rose cover.

Data Points and Grid Systems

Data points & grid systems are immensely useful for network cabling and Internet connections, allowing you to establish different connections in different rooms or ‘points’. When it comes to data points and grid systems, manufacturers such as Varilight and Hamilton stand out. Some popular choices include Varilight DataGrid USB or SVGA outlet modules, Varilight DataGrid triple phone outlet modules and speaker modules (2 posts), and more.

Double Pole Switches

If you are looking for double pole switches, look no further than the Hamilton LiteStat rocker switch and neon satin stainless or the Hamilton Hartland 13A switched socket in antique brass. But there are other choices in store, including Hamilton LiteStat 2-gang switched sockets, Hamilton LiteStat rocker switches (which come in a bright chrome finish), and Hamilton LiteStat switched sockets in satin brass or antique brass.

Fan Isolator Switches

Fan isolator switches are used in conjunction with fan isolation systems as well as air cooling or circulation systems. Fan isolator switches allow you to conveniently switch on an isolation system in order to reduce the noise which comes with using industrial fans. At Downlights Direct, you can choose from a selection of fan isolator switches, including the Click brand of fan isolation switches (10amp) 3-pole, Varilight screwless flat plate fan isolating switches (3-pole), and more.

Pullcord Switches

If you want convenience when it comes to switching on an appliance from a ceiling or from a height, then pullcord switches are your best option. Pullcord switches come in a variety of models, and this includes the Click 2-way ceiling pullcord switch (10amp), the Click ceiling pullcord switch with neon, the 45A DP pullcord switch with a mechanical on/off switch and neon, and the increasingly popular decorative cover and pull bell in finishes such as polished brass and satin chrome.
If you aren’t quite sure about your choices when it comes to the best switches and sockets for around your house, you can always consult an electrical professional in order to make the best decisions for your needs.