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Home Automation Lighting

If you're searching for home automation products, you've come to the right place. Lutron leads the way in total light management solutions and we are proud to provide our customers with home automation products that are designed to improve productivity and efficiency in the home. We also offer Lightwave RF as entry level of home automation, you can start off with anything from one dimmer switch for a single room and expand when you're ready.

Browse our complete collection of home automation products online. 

Not Just Homes

Here at Downlights Direct, our home automation range is vast, putting you in full control of your home lighting. We stock everything from wireless wall sensors to Grafik Eye control panels and more. What’s more, these innovative products aren’t restricted to home use. You can create the perfect ambience in your office too. 

Our home automation range includes:

  • DALI Controlled Lighting
  • Daylight Sensors 
  • Dimming Modules 
  • Occupancy Sensors 
  • Remote Controls 
  • Wall Stations
  • Wireless Lighting Systems 

This is only a small selection of our complete product range. Our trained staff are always on hand to offer expert advice. So, if you need more information on our home automation products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

A Close Look at the Best Home Automation Lighting for Your Property

Home automation has made significant leaps and bounds in recent years, and you can now easily have an automated home of your own with some superior lighting and home automation products. If you are looking for a complete light management solution, however, you should know, first and foremost, that there are different kinds of home automation products from which you can choose, and this includes remote controlled lighting products, home automation switches, lighting control systems, automatic cupboard sensors, and more. Acquiring the complete package is essential if you want your home to be the ultra-modern, ultra-efficient, and ultra-comfortable domain you deserve.

The good news is that certain manufacturers, such as Lutron, can provide you with highly-innovative home automation products that will increase your home’s efficiency and productivity ten-fold. At Downlights Direct, we can provide you with everything you may need for a total innovative lighting solution, from the simplest dimmer switches to more complex products such as Grafik Eye panels and wireless wall sensors. Whether you are looking for daylight sensors, dimming modules, remote controls, occupancy sensors, wall stations, or unique wireless light systems, you have definitely come to the right place – for instance, you can easily click here for more info on wireless lighting.

Let’s take a look at the best home automation lighting for your property.

Wireless remote-controlled lighting

Wireless remote-controlled lighting can dramatically transform a room’s ambience in seconds – with just a single touch of a button, you can change a room’s mood and look with LED lighting in different colours, or simply turn off a few lights to create a more relaxing atmosphere. Alternatively, you can light up a room in order for you to perform certain tasks such as reading, preparing a meal, working, and so on.

When it comes to wireless remote-controlled lighting, particularly dimmer switches, we can provide you with the ever-popular Lightwave RF LED dimmer switches, which are offered in a variety of finishes such as stainless steel, standard white, chrome, and even black chrome. These switches are highly-compatible with a good number of dimmable lamps, such as the Megaman GU10 (6W). You don’t have to worry about connections with these dimmer switches, either, as they can make use of your existing wiring. If you are looking to replace an outdated dimmer switch, you can easily do so with the Lightwave RF LED dimmer switch. Bear in mind that you can control the product either remotely or manually; if you want to control it remotely, simply add an extra Wi-Fi hub.

Home automation light switches

You can view our range of home automation light switches here, but let us give you a simple rundown of the high-quality products available. One of the more popular home automation switches is the LED RGB (red, green, and blue) wall controller, which is on offer with 3 types of output: RF/Wi-Fi, DMX, and PWM. The RF/Wi-Fi version would require an extra receiver, but it can be operated wirelessly with an LED strip, while the DMX would require a DMX driver. The PWM, or pulse width modulation version, on the other hand, does not require any extra drivers or receivers. What’s exceptional about this product is that the colours of your lights can easily be changed with the use of the colour wheel. It even includes other settings, such as adjustments for brightness and for speed. If you want to replace a standard wall switch – and start your journey towards complete home automation – then this product is definitely for you.

Lighting control systems

Lighting control systems can completely enhance your place of residence and make it as efficient and aesthetically pleasing as possible. You can gain full control over your lighting needs with the proper lighting control system, whether you need to brighten up a room or dim it according to your preference. Some exemplary products for lighting control include automatic sensors for cupboards and cabinets, complete home automation systems, photocells, occupancy detectors, and more. You can take advantage, for example, of the highly in-demand Lutron Energi Savr Node switching-only controller, which can be used for circuits which are non-dimming. This product is actually ideal for outdoor lighting and other lighting fixtures which don’t have to be dimmed. It comes with 2 ‘occupancy sensor inputs’ which allow for automated control for lighting in various areas, and it also comes with 2 ‘daylight sensors’ which can automatically change or adjust the level of lighting depending on the natural lighting coming in through your windows.

Another superior addition to a lighting control system is the Lutron Grafik Eye control panel, which comes in 3-zone, 6-zone, or 4-zone versions. This is the ultimate home automation solution for lighting with its built-in radio frequency output, providing you with complete wireless communication. You can also opt to add Lutron keypads, which allow you to program the panel in order to choose the scene or setting you prefer. One tip: although this product is compatible with a wide range of LED lighting, it is best when used with leading brands such as Aurora, Megaman, and Philips. For Aurora, go for the EcoLED ZEP1 or the M10 DOB range, and for Philips, it’s best to use Philips GU10 LED lights.

DMX lighting controllers

We also have a complete DMX lighting controller selection, which you can view here. One particularly popular product is the DMX512 decoder (ideally used with LED strip lighting), which is able to convert signals in digital form into pulse-width modulation (PWM) signals. When the signal has been converted to pulse-width modulation, the lights are then easily controlled with lighting solution software from smartphones or personal computers. With this, you can have unlimited, complete interaction and communication with any lighting fixture that is linked to the network. The DMX512 decoder allows you to change light colours, dim lights, and even change the setting of lighting equipment used for the stage.

Automatic cupboard sensors

With automatic cupboard sensors (click here for more info), you will be surprised at how efficient you can be. Simply put, with these types of sensors, you can easily and quickly find whatever item you need from your cupboards and wardrobes. The collection of automatic cupboard sensors from which you can choose include infrared mini on/off sensors from Leyton, which you can use not just for your cupboards but also for bathroom cabinets and illuminated mirrors. This particular product can detect the movement of your hands once you move them in front of the eye of the sensor, and it will then switch the LED driver either on or off. And since it is simply switching the LED driver’s power on or off, it is compatible with various kinds of LED lighting products.

Another useful product is the Lightwave wireless movement detector, which allows lights to be turned on when an individual is present. The sensor is able to turn sockets off or on or switch lights when it detects movement. For instance, it can turn on landing lights at night if a person is moving across the sensor. It also comes in different finishes such as white metal, black chrome, stainless steel, and chrome.


Photocells (you can browse through our range of high-quality photocells here) play an important function by efficiently lighting up your outdoor space. You can choose from a complete range as well – from wall-mounted photocells to photocells which you can use indoors, and more. Security in your home or place of business is of vital importance, and if you want to enhance your safety and security, photocells can give you the lighting solution you need. One such product is the Dusk Till Dawn photocell kit (IP65), which comes with a mounting bracket. This product can automatically turn the lights on once it becomes dark and turn the lights off once there is light. It is an efficient, energy-saving item which allows you to save on your energy bills. If you prefer, you can also opt for the remote photocell which can be used both outdoors and indoors, which is used in conjunction with your existing or current light fixtures. Your light fixtures can be turned on or off automatically when there is enough daylight in the area.

When it comes to full home automation, you don’t have to start with an extensive system right away – you can begin with dimmer switches and sensors and move forward from there. What’s important is to know exactly what you want and what to expect so you can acquire the best home automation lighting solution for your needs.

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