Wall lights can form a key part of any domestic or commercial lighting installation, providing a great level of background lighting ambiance.

There are many variations of wall lights available from a variety of leading brands. Our extensive range includes some of the market leaders including Ansell, Aurora, Astro Lighting, Collingwood Lighting, Integral LED and Forum.

We have outdoor and indoor wall lighting options to choose from. Outdoor wall lights are more durable and rated at IP44 to IP65. This means that they resistant to dust and water.

Retrofit or Integrated LED Wall Lights?

Available with integrated LEDs or retrofit types. An integrated LED wall light contains the LED light source and driver in one neat, sealed unit. The LED isn't usually replaceable and doesn't give you the option of being able to change the colour temperature or brightness. But integrated fittings are more compact in size and offer a modern alternative to retrofit.

Retrofit wall lights such as GU10, G9 or E27 allow you to choose exactly which type of LED you want to use. This can be particularly advantageous if you want to dim it, or if you want to control it via a smartphone device.

Wall lights play an integral role in both domestic and commercial properties, bringing a charming ambiance to a room that cannot be achieved with a central pendant light or strip lights. There are many variations of wall lights available from a wide selection of leading brands.

Whether you are looking to illuminate a special piece of art or require an outdoor functional safety light, we offer a range of solutions for your requirements.

Your Guide To Wall Lights

When it comes to wall lighting there are extensive options available depending on your specific requirements and the purpose and location of the lighting. Whether it’s outdoor lighting for safety, up-lighting, reading light or to highlight a certain feature in the room, we have the right light for you. Some wall lighting such as illuminated mirrors or shelf lights can even act as a form of décor in its own right.

Wall lighting can be functional indoors or outdoors and in almost any room. The wall lights essentially work alongside the main ceiling light of the room to add a softer illumination and can reduce glare and create a warm ambience.

In bathrooms, vanity mirrors are often used as an important lighting layer. Wall mirrors around a mirror can reduce shadows on your face which any overhead ceiling light will often cast. By contrast, outdoor wall lighting can act as a safety feature to illuminate the front or back of the house at night.

In a room where you like to relax or craft, a swing armed wall light could be a space-saving alternative to a tall floor standing or desk lamp and free up precious space.

How To Choose The Right Wall Lighting For Your Home

The key considerations for choosing the best wall lights for your room are what you want the lighting to achieve, how many lights are needed, and where they should be placed in the home. For example, wall lights can be fantastic in hallways to softly light the space, but if placed too low or too close together they will lose their effect and might be far brighter than intended.

What Types Of Wall Light Are Available?

We stock an extensive range of wall lights to suit every wall lighting requirement with a wide choice from the UK's leading lighting brands.

The options include energy-efficient LEDs which can look both clean and modern while saving on energy consumption. Wall washers can provide a burst of up and down lighting in a living room or family space. Flush lighting is for where space saving is key and you don’t want lights protruding. Swingarm light for reading or any tasks such as craft as you require the light for.

The possibilities for your wall lighting are vast, and wall lighting can provide aesthetically pleasing, soft and practical lighting for any situation. Get in touch with the wall lighting experts today and see how you can transform your living space with the simple addition of charming wall lights.