Living Room Lighting

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Living Room Lighting

Your Guide to Modern Living Room Lighting from Downlights Direct

If you are like most homeowners, then your living room serves as a central area in your home – a place where everyone can gather, where you can relax with a good book or watch television, where you can entertain guests, and where you can simply be yourself. That’s why most of us are particularly picky about how we design and decorate our living areas, choosing only the best furniture we can find and making sure that the furniture and other design elements are a perfect complement to our taste, personality, and lifestyle.

But a living area isn’t just comprised of the right furniture or the right décor – another aspect which can make or break the ‘essence’ of your living room is the lighting. If you’re wondering what kind of lighting you can use to give your living area a truly cosy, comfortable atmosphere, then you’ve come to the right place – here’s your guide to modern living room lighting from Downlights Direct.

The basic types of lighting your living room should have

You may already know that there are different types of lights you can take advantage of for your living area, such as ceiling lights and wall lights. But if you really want to give your living room a range of looks and feels, then you have to incorporate different levels of lighting as well. This is easily achievable with certain kinds of lights, such as downlights, the aforementioned ceiling lights and wall lights, table and floor lamps, and even chandeliers.

Downlights: your premium choices

Downlights can instantly give your living room a more relaxing, warm ambience, and this is one reason why they are so popular in many homes. These recessed living room downlights are perfect for unobtrusive, subtle lighting when you want to relax or when you are hosting a party or gathering.

Some of our most popular downlights include the Intalite range of downlights, such as the Intalite New Tria LED downlight (Round Set) in Matt White. This 25W downlight is made from aluminium and has an attractive matt white finish, which makes it perfect for both modern or contemporary or traditional homes. The beam angle of the Intalite New Tria LED downlight is 30 degrees, giving different areas in your living room a nice spectrum of light.

Another popular product when it comes to living areas is the Intalite New Tria XL Round downlight in Matt Black (GU10), which is great for homes with a more contemporary theme since it has a matt black finish with a wattage of 50W. There are also some great steel downlights from Intalite, such as the Intalite Horn-O steel matt black or matt white downlight with 50W.
Our downlights also come in sets, which include the Intalite New Tria 2 LED downlight (square set), which is 6W and comes in matt black. If you are looking to give your living area a warmer feel and more personality, downlights should be one of your main choices.

Ceiling lights: your premium choices

Ceiling lights are also highly recommended, as design and lighting experts will tell you. The great thing about ceiling lights is that they can give your living area more character, as you can choose the design that best fits your own preferences. The living room ceiling lights we have at Downlights Direct are a true testament to this, as you can choose from different manufacturers and brands along with different designs.

One popular model is the Nemo Ceiling Light in Chrome Triplex Opal Glass, with its unique and ultra-modern chrome finish and its durable triplex glass. Another worthy find is the Ocho Ceiling Light made from a polycarbonate of white opal, which has a beautifully-delicate design and a white finish. If you would like something more modern, you can opt for the Adagio ceiling light (burnished and polished), which has a distinctive style that you probably wouldn’t see anywhere else. The product is made from burnished and polished aluminium, and it also has glass which has anti-glare properties.

One additional tip: when choosing ceiling lights for your living area, make sure they are bright enough for your requirements, but more than this, make sure they fit your living area’s theme as well.

Wall lights: your premium choices

Any living room can be instantly altered with the addition of wall lights, especially when they are strategically-placed. Wall lights are considered accent lighting, and they’re perfect for accentuating picture frames and paintings, hanging décor, and more. We also have a varied selection of living room wall lights, and this selection includes the ever-popular Astro Kashima wall light in polished chrome (incidentally, many wall lights are also used in bathrooms, and this is why they can sometimes be referred to as bathroom wall lights – but they can definitely be put to good use in your living area as well). Other outstanding options include the Astro Dayton wall light, the Astro Verona wall light (a more compact size), and the Astro Alba, Bloc, and Kyoto wall lights, which all come in contemporary, sleek designs that are just the right complement for your chosen downlights and ceiling lights.

Table and floor lamps: your premium choices

Table and living room floor lamps make up the quintessential living area and for good reason. They can give your living room a more welcoming feel, and you can easily choose a design according to what you personally prefer (keeping in mind your living area’s style and theme, of course). Some highly in demand options include the Alsacia table lamp (in a rusty brown-beige colour), with its shade measuring a diameter of 300mm. Another choice would be the Virginia table lamp in a shade of chrome black, perfect for a more contemporary and chic living room with its elegant black colour.

If your living area has more of a cosy, countryside or traditional feel, you can opt for the Fei floor lamp with a shade of old white-beige, which you can easily place beside the sofa, near a side table, or in a corner of the living area. There is also the Alsacia floor lamp in rusty beige-brown, which has a unique, stylish look, and the vintage floor lamp in chrome and urban grey, which can lend both light and character to your avant-garde living room.

Chandeliers: your premium choices

If you want your living room to have more of an impact – a touch of glamour, if you will – then a living room chandelier will always be a brilliant idea. A chandelier not only adds glamour and elegance to the barest and most functional of living areas, however – it also adds just the right amount of light you want to illuminate the space. Here at Downlights Direct, we have a lot in store for you, whether you prefer a chandelier like the classic and timeless Firstlight Galaxy 8 light fitting chrome chandelier, or the beautiful Elstead Sutton Place living room chandelier. The Firstlight Galaxy 8 chrome chandelier will serve as a unique and striking addition to your living space, complementing traditional furniture and design elements. The Elstead Sutton Place living room chandelier in imperial silver, on the other hand, features small lampshades in an off-white colour set in a silver frame and base. 

Whatever kind of lighting you choose for your living room, it’s important to choose lighting which emphasises the beauty of your living area and complements your existing furniture, wall décor, and overall theme and design.