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Commercial Lighting

Effectively Save Money & Energy with LED Commercial Lighting

Every commercial establishment requires sufficient lighting – lighting which will illuminate important, essential areas and allow workers and staff to perform their tasks in the most productive and efficient way. Aside from benefitting workers and staff, ample commercial lighting can help showcase your wares or offerings and allow your clients to easily view what you have to offer. Good lighting gives a good impression of your office, industrial premises, or business establishment, be it a restaurant, a hotel, a retail shop, or other business.

Commercial lighting components include commercial downlights and commercial ceiling lights, as well as emergency lighting, fluorescent and LED lighting, lighting for the office, bulkheads, LED sign lighting for marketing and promotional purposes, and other commercial lighting systems.

All that being said, however, commercial lighting can quickly become a significant expense, especially when everything is added up. Fortunately, you now have some great choices when it comes to energy-efficient, money-saving commercial lighting. Here's how you can effectively save money and energy with LED commercial lighting.

How Much Can You Save?

There are a number of ways through which LED commercial lighting can save you money. Firstly, LED lighting requires less electricity to run compared to traditional halogen and incandescent bulbs. And if you've heard that CFLs or compact fluorescent light bulbs are energy efficient as well, they're still not as efficient as LEDs.

Nothing can compare to LEDs when it comes to energy efficiency. For instance, a halogen light with 60 watts, if replaced with an LED bulb with 9 watts, would give you about an 85% reduction in the consumption of electricity. Aside from this, the LED bulb will have a longer lifespan – about 20,000 hours – compared to the halogen bulb's mere 2,000 hours.  This brings us to the second benefit of LEDs: as a general rule, they last much longer than other types of lighting.

If you're wondering about compact fluorescent light bulbs and how they compare to LEDs, think about this: if you replace an 11-watt CFL with a 9-watt LED, you can effectively save as much as 18% in energy. Meanwhile, a CFL will also have a lifespan of about 8,000 hours, so the LED bulb is much longer lasting as well.

Some excellent choices for energy-saving commercial lighting!

Commercial Downlights

Commercial downlights can save as much as 70% on your regular energy bill, and you can expect them to last 3 times as long as the typical fluorescent downlight. In addition, they are easier to maintain. Some of our best commercial downlights include the Aurora Slim Fit panel downlights, Collingwood Thea commercial LED downlights, JCC Sky Disc and the economy range of Aurora Enlite Uni-Fit commercial downlights, which also have a dimmable version.

Commercial Ceiling Lights - Shop, Office & Warehouse Lighting

Commercial ceiling lighting comes in a wide selection as well, and they're perfect for restaurants, shops, retail stores, offices, and warehouses. One of the most popular products (you can view the extensive range of commercial ceiling lights here) is the non-corrosive LED luminaire. We also stock Ansell Top-Line Evo LED battens in good quantities, which are available for next day delivery.

For offices and corridors we have LED ceiling panels such as the Collingwood Solis LED panel. Available in recessed and surface mounted. The most popular sizes measure 600mm by 600mm (a ‘staff pick' as well). Also in our collection are under-cabinet LED lights and long ceiling lights.

Emergency Lighting

Without a doubt, emergency lighting plays an important function in any business or commercial establishment. The proper emergency lights can give you sufficient lighting for as long as 3 hours in case there is a power failure. For emergency lights, you have a choice between fully integrated emergency lights and retrofit backup packs.

Other unique emergency lighting products include 3-hour emergency backup packs for downlights, emergency bulkhead fittings and a selection of emergency twin-spots, in non-maintained and maintained versions. Emergency lighting is essential for both industrial and commercial locations.

Fluorescent Lighting

Whilst LEDs are undoubtedly more efficient, many consumers are still replacing old fluorescent lighting. This dated technology isn't energy efficient and contains mercury which isn't good for the environment.

Not only has fluorescent become a relic of the lighting industry, light fittings that contain separate light tubes are also less popular. With many consumers opting for the integrated LED fittings that come as one neat unit. If the fitting fails, you just replace the entire fitting. In general integrated LED luminaires last longer and are much more reliable.

Office Lighting

For office lighting, you have a few great choices as well - you can view our selection of office lighting here. Bear in mind that your office space needs to be effectively illuminated to promote productivity and make working easier and more pleasant, so you need to make some careful choices. One excellent choice would be the aforementioned Venture Panel Pro LED ceiling panel.


Bulkhead lighting is immensely useful and is often seen in passageways, stairways, and other prime areas which need sufficient illumination (including the outdoors). Bulkheads are even increasingly seen in the home, especially with the ongoing trend for a more industrial design and theme. If you are looking for high-quality bulkheads, there's a complete range available for you, including Ansell Ancona Oval LED bulkheads in white, the JCC RadiaLED, which comes with a microwave on and off sensor, and the JCC RadiaLED Utility Mains Emergency bulkhead with 14 watts, among others.

LED Sign Lighting

Any commercial establishment should take advantage of highly-efficient and effective LED sign lighting. With LED chain link strings and flexible LED strip tapes, available in various wattage types for indoor or outdoor use.

We also have LED aluminium profile rails that house the LED tape inside, providing it with a more robust finish. Our LED tape collection includes colour-changing and water-resistant LED tapes (which are also very flexible).

Other Commercial Lighting Systems

There are also other commercial lighting systems that you can take advantage of, for example, LED suspended linear lighting, indirect recessed modular LED lighting, LED highbays and low-bays.

Commercial lights in many forms, and it's crucial to pick the right commercial lighting elements for your business. To be completely sure of your choices, however, it's best to speak with an electrical and lighting expert who can give you the guidance and expertise you require.

If you can't locate the product you need or would like to discuss bulk rates or project prices, contact us at [email protected] to discover what Downlights Direct has to offer.