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Kitchen Lighting
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Kitchen Lights, Ceiling Lights & Spotlights

If you're looking for high quality kitchen lights, you've come to the right place. Whether you're searching for downlights or under cabinet strip lighting, we have a suitable lighting solution on hand to complement your lighting vision. Browse our superb selection of affordable kitchen lights online.

Superior Lighting Solutions

Here at Downlights Direct, we understand that shopping for any types of lights can be stressful and that’s why we're dedicated to providing our customers with an enjoyable shopping experience. We know that our customers want high quality lights at low prices and we're proud to offer some of the best deals online.

Shop with us for the following:

  • Cornice Lighting
  • Kitchen Downlights
  • Kitchen spotlights
  • Batten LED Fittings
  • LED Strip Lights
  • Main voltage under cabinet lights
  • Colour temperature adjustable mood lighting

Kitchen Lighting To Suit Your Lifestyle

The kitchen is one of the most multi-functional rooms in any household. This means it needs to fulfil the best lighting results that are suitable for the many purposes. No matter if it’s cooking, working, crafting, dining or any entertaining guests.

You’ll want to be sure your kitchen lighting choices are perfect for its versatile life. Whether its recessed downlights or some subtle under counter or under cabinet strip lighting to give the room a soft warmly glow or more clinical cool white appearance, Downlights Direct has the solution for your unique requirements.

When choosing your main lighting for a kitchen, it's recommended that the end result illuminates the room as close to daylight conditions as possible. The reason for this is so you can really see how well your food is cooking, which wouldn’t be as effective if you just used under counter strip light to cook by for example. The use of high colour rendering (CRI) LEDs helps to reproduce colours more effectively. Many of our LED strip tapes now offer high CRI as standard, you don't always have to pay premium prices to get premium quality lighting solutions.

So Many Wonderful Options Available

There are so many options available when it comes to lighting the most used space in the home, we can supply the following lighting solutions:

Cornice Lighting - Give your kitchen a subtle glow with some soft lighting around your coving.

Kitchen Downlights - An all-purpose lighting solution, great for the general lighting in any space, there are various options available such as recessed LED downlights. You'll also want to ensure you choose fire rated downlights as your kitchen will most likely have another room or floor situated above it...If in doubt fit fire rated.

Kitchen Spotlights - Can be used as a supplementary light or even as the main lighting and are a great long-lasting, energy-saving option.

LED Batten Fittings - Some carefully placed LED batten light fittings can make a considerable difference and add brightness to your room. Although a bit unsightly, they do the job and provide a consistent, homogeneous lighting effect. Modern LED batten fittings are less unsightly than the old fluorescent tube design.

LED Strip Lights - Perfect for lighting above and below your counters for a warm or cool effect, they can be used as functional lights illuminating kitchen counters. These versatile lighting products are available in different light outputs, colour temperatures and with dimmable LED drivers.

Selecting The Right Lighting For Your Kitchen

It isn’t just about scattering downlights or spotlights across the ceiling, using a combination of subtle lighting layers can enhance the features of the room, hide flaws and even make a small appliance seem larger or highlight key features.

One consideration with is that any exposed light fittings could collect oily grime from the daily cooking tasks performed in the kitchen. A more favoured option is a fitting that is recessed or semi-recessed where possible.

Once you’ve selected a good general or main lighting option, the next step is to decide if any other areas could benefit from some additional lighting. For example, you could install some smaller LED light fittings under the counters where you would usually prepare food. For some additional illumination, overhead cornice lighting or plinth lights will also compliment the layered lighting effect.

Get Expert Advice For Your Dream Kitchen

Downlights Direct aim to provide only the absolute best lighting solutions for our valued customers. If you require any additional information or advice on the most appropriate lighting options for your kitchen, our experienced team are on hand to help. We’re always delighted to share our knowledge of LED lighting with our customers. Browse our extensive range of strip lights, LED downlights and overhead lighting which can be purchased online.

Shop Online for Stunning Kitchen Lights

Transform your kitchen today for less with our superb selection of LED lights from the UK’s leading brands. Buying low energy lights online with us is quick and simple at Downlights Direct.