Minimalist interior lighting designs are very popular these days. One reason for their popularity is the cost-effectiveness. Homes that use minimal LED light fixtures such as downlights save more on energy costs, than homes that use traditional lighting options. In addition to this, downlights look sleek and stylish and can update the aesthetic of any home without spending too much.

Downlights are ideal for areas in the home with frequent foot traffic. Spotlight downlights, for example, can be installed in kitchens to illuminate areas without leaving any dark shadowy spaces. Downlights are also best installed in bedrooms to create a warm mood. They can be adjustable to make the bedroom brighter or darker, depending on the need.

Another advantage of using downlights is that it creates a narrow beam of light making it perfect as task lighting for kitchens. These can be installed above or below cabinets to improve the functionality of these areas. Small dim downlights can also be a great lighting option for bathrooms, especially above the bathroom mirror.

Choosing Kitchen Downlights

Since the kitchen is one of the most important areas of the home, it is important to plan lighting accordingly. Task lighting in the kitchen can be located in cupboards, above counters, and sinks to maximise visibility or reduce brightness when not in use. By using task lighting, the kitchen can be made more energy-efficient. In choosing kitchen downlights, Downlights Direct allows every shopper to narrow down options by choosing specifications. For example, you can begin searching for a product by specifying the cut-out size, manufacturer, and finish. You can also select whether you want the downlight to be dimmable or not. There is also an option to select the colour temperature and beam angle.

When installing downlights in any area of the home, special tools are required to ensure that these fixtures function properly. Downlight holes need to be made using a special hole cutter. Downlights Direct has some of the best downlight installation tools available in the market today.

Adjustable hole cutter

The most versatile tool used in cutting holes for downlight installation is an adjustable hole cutter. With a cutting range of between 40-163mm, it can be used to create small, medium, or large holes for downlights. It is perfect for cutting holes in various ceiling materials such as acrylic, plywood, and plasterboard. With a versatile and adjustable tool, there is no need to use multiple saws for creating holes of different sizes.

Product specifications include:

  • Maximum hole size: 163mm
  • Minimum hole size: 40mm
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Suitable for ceilings with the thickness that range from 1mm to 23mm

Downlight hole saw kit

Downlights Direct also carries products that are suitable for installation experts and installation tradesmen. Their Starrett hole saw kit contains 13 pieces of hole saws with varying sizes. It also comes packaged in a sturdy case allowing the tools to be carried easily from one project to another. The advantage of having a complete kit is the variety of saws that can fit any size specification.

Another suitable option for tradesmen is the Starrett 6 Piece Hole Saw Kit. It contains 3x 25mm, 3x 20mm hole saws and an A1 arbor. It is also packed in a sturdy case ensuring that the contents are protected when carried from one location to another.

Other specialised tools are also available for tradesmen specialising in lighting installation. Downlights Direct only carries leading lighting brands to ensure that every product sold is manufactured with the highest quality standards.

Kitchen Downlights

Shopping online for downlights could not be any easier with Downlights Direct. In addition to the tools that Downlights Direct offers, there is also a wide range of lighting designs to choose from. They have a large inventory of downlight options for every area of the home especially the kitchen. They have a superb collection of kitchen downlights that can improve the look of any home.