In a fast paced world where lighting not only illuminates but also inspires, it can be difficult to keep track of all of the latest lighting innovations. We've put together some of the most innovative lighting products all in one place.

The latest innovative lighting products offer more than just brightness; they bring a fusion of cutting-edge technology and breathtaking design. From LED innovations that redefine energy efficiency to smart lighting solutions that adapt to your lifestyle, each product represents a leap towards a brighter, more sustainable future. Join us as we unveil the marvels of modern lighting, where every light bulb, fixture, and switch holds the promise of transforming spaces into vibrant, energy-efficient masterpieces. This journey into the heart of lighting innovation is not just about seeing the light; it's about experiencing the future.

H2 Sense - LED Downlight with PIR Sensor

Manufactured by Collingwood Lighting, the H2 Sense is fire rated, IP65 LED downlight that has an integrated PIR (Passive Infra-Red) sensor. The PIR sensor detects movement and switches itself on and off when its needed. It comes without a bezel, this is because you can choose a bezel that has a hole for the PIR or a bezel without a hole.

The bezel without hole allows the H2 Sense to operate like an ordinary downlight. You could have one downlight that senses, that's wired that to the other downlights. Using the switched live output, you can also wire it to other products as long as you don't go over the 200W maximum load, you can activate bathroom fans and other lighting products.

Collingwood H2 Sense Fire-Rated PIR Downlight

It comes with a colour temperature switch, which allows you to switch from 2700K, 3000K or 4000K whenever you like. You'll save time during the installation as you don't have to wire an additional sensor. This product was so popular when it launched that it sold out straight away, stocks have now been replenished but get yours while you can. It comes at a very attractive pricing point when you consider what you're getting.

Dim to Warm Dimming

While this technology isn't new, its still worth mentioning. Available in LED light bulbs, downlights and LED strip tape, dim to warm dimming not only dims in brightness but also in colour tone. At 100% brightness is emits a warm white colour temperature which can be 2700K or 3000K depending on the product. Then as you dim the brightness, the colour tone gets warmer until it reaches a candlelight style glow of 1800K to 2200K.

These images compare the 3000K warm white effect at full brightness with the dimmed 1800K. Ideal for kitchen cabinet lighting as you get the clearer and bright light output for chopping and reading your ingredients as well as the more subdued extra warm white effect as a background light. It also mimics the effect of the sun setting.

Sunset strip 3000K settingSunset strip 1800K setting

One of the best features of this technology is that it doesn't require a special controller, the dimming is done on any LED compatible dimmer switch from Varilight V-Pro to a Lightwave Smart switch.

When you combine dim to warm LED light bulbs such as the Philips 4.9W GU10 or LED candles with Sunset Strip LED tape, you can create a truly relaxing environment as both products help to create that relaxing warm & vibrant look from different lighting fixtures. If you're using Lightwave, multiple lights can be activated all at once, with the touch of a single button or by using your voice to activate a scene.

Lightwave Smart Switches

Widely regarded as the best dimmer switch on the market and far ahead of their time, Lightwave Smart switches allow you to control your lights and other electrical devices from your smartphone, with your voice or directly on the wall mounted switch. This affordable home automation system does require a Link Plus Hub or starter kit which connects to your rooter, but once you've got that you can start with one smart switch or socket and expand your system from there.

Lightwave Smart Switch

You can set scenes that combine various functions into one; for example you could switch off your big light and dim your wall lights down to 20% when you want to watch the TV. Or when its getting dark, you could switch on your garden lights and any other lights you like. Then switch them off later by a timer function, or if you've got the Lightwave smart sensor, it can switch your lights on and off automatically either when it detects movement or when it detects lux levels.

Lightwave Smart switches are available in wired and wire-free. The wired versions can be used as a retrofit solution for existing light switches or dimmer switches. The wire-free switches do require an additional receiver which is wired into the lighting circuit. Or you can control a wired smart switch from a wire-free switch by pairing the switches via the app.

Lightwave Wireless Smart Switches

You can use any spare switch on a Lightwave Smart switch as a magic button. The magic button provides seamless control over various Lightwave devices, including dimmers, sockets, and relays. Trigger automations or set the perfect mood/scene with a simple button press, all without the need for extra wiring. You can install a 2 gang smart switch instead of a 1 gang or install a 4 gang instead of a 3 gang, then you got an extra switch to turn into a magic button!

Magic Button Examples:

  • Create a "kill switch" for the entire house (all on/off)
  • Turn on/off a table lamp connected to a smart socket
  • Open/close or stop blinds using the Lightwave dimmer
  • Dim all lights to 30%

Kinetic Switches

What do you do if you want to install a light switch but can't or don't want to run a cable? While Lightwave wire-free switches are a great choice, you need a Lightwave hub and either a relay or a wired smart switch. The other option is to use a kinetic switch, these switches are wireless and they don't even need a battery. They use the kinetic energy which is generated from the press of the button, which sends a signal to the receiver, the receiver is wired to the lights and switches them on or off.

Forum Konect Kinetic Self-Powered Wall Switches

Receivers are available in dimmable and non-dimmable versions and with integrated Wi-Fi connectivity. The Wi-Fi versions can be operated on RF (Radio Frequency) or Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi versions are compatible with Android and IOS via the Tuya App, just pair your switch with the receiver and away you go. Here's the links to each receiver:

  • CUL-40038 - Non dimmable, RF for switching only
  • CUL-40039 - Non dimmable, RF & Wi-Fi for switching only
  • CUL-40040 - Dimmable, RF & Wi-fi, dimming & switching

A Rated Energy Efficient LED Light Bulbs

The original energy rating system got re-written in 2021 as it wasn't future-proof. We would have had lots of lighting products with ratings like A+++++, now the system is more simplified it can be confusing, especially if you're familiar with the original system because an A+ rated LED is now F rated. Both labeling are systems shown below:


Philips MasterLED 2.1W = 50W Energy Efficient LED GU10

You can now get a GU10 LED lamp that produces the equivalent light output as an old 50W halogen, but consumes only 2W such as these A Rated LEDs. They're available in GU10 cap types which are non dimmable and also available in traditional light bulb shapes with a B22 or E27 cap type. With Philips offering of a 4W A Rated LED light bulb that's comparable to a 60W incandescent. More information about the Energy Rating system is available here.

Philips MasterLED Bulb A60 Clear E27 LED Lamps 4W = 60W

Future Innovations

While energy efficiency is going to remain a crucial factor for consumers, minor reductions in the wattage of an LED may not significantly lower electricity bills. Ultra-efficient lighting is ideal for off-grid living, especially in solar-powered homes. If you have rooms where you need to leave your lights on constantly, even a small amount of wattage in multiple light fittings can equate to some high energy usage especially in businesses with receptions etc.

Despite their availability, 3D printed light fixtures like downlights and pendants have yet to gain widespread popularity. Smart lighting continues to gain popularity especially with the younger generations who expect everything to be smart and voice operated. Smart lighting can come in the form of the LED bulb itself or in the form of a switch that converts the LED into a smart LED.