Discover the Efficiency of LED Battens

LED battens are revolutionising the world of lighting with their superior energy efficiency, durability, and advanced technology. Renowned brands like Aurora Lighting, Ansell, Collingwood, JCC Lighting and Integral LED are at the forefront of this innovation, offering high-quality LED batten fixtures suitable for a myriad of applications in both residential and commercial spaces. 
For example; when comparing the energy efficiency of a 5FT (1524mm) LED batten to a T5 54W fluorescent tube. To compare the energy efficiency and light output (luminous efficacy) of both light sources, we can use this formula:

LED Batten vs T5 Fluorescent Tube

Aspect 5FT LED Batten T5 Fluorescent Tube
Wattage (W) 31 54
Lumens (lm) 4650 4450
Luminous Efficacy (lm/W) 150 82.41

The comparison above illustrates the superior energy efficiency and luminous efficacy of the 5FT LED batten over the T5 fluorescent tube. The LED batten, with its 150 lm/W, provides almost double the light output per watt consumed compared to the T5 Fluorescent Tube, which stands at approximately 82.41 lm/W. This remarkable efficiency means that the LED Batten produces more light while utilising less power, affirming it as the more eco-friendly and economical choice for lighting solutions.

The 5FT LED batten offers approximately improvement in energy efficiency over the T5 fluorescent tube. This substantial improvement underscores the superior performance and sustainability of LED technology compared to traditional fluorescent lighting solutions.

LED battens convert a higher percentage of energy into light, reducing the waste of energy in the form of heat. This not only makes LED battens more energy-efficient but also eco-friendly, as they contribute to a lower carbon footprint. Additionally, the longer lifespan of LED battens compared to T5 fluorescent tubes means less frequent replacements, further consolidating their energy and cost efficiency over time.

Unparalleled Benefits of LED Battens

LED battens stand out for their numerous advantages over traditional lighting solutions:

  • Energy Efficiency: They consume less electricity, leading to reduced energy bills and lower carbon footprint.
  • Longevity: With a lifespan extending several years, LED battens minimise the need for frequent replacements.
  • Optimal Illumination: They provide uniform, bright, and flicker-free lighting, enhancing visibility and reducing eye strain.
  • Eco-friendly: LED battens are free of harmful chemicals and are 100% recyclable, reducing their environmental impact.

Latest Technology

Batten light fittings aren't new, in fact they've been around for many years, they originally used fluorescent light tubes to emit light. Since the arrival of LED lighting technology fluorescent lamps of all types have been banned in the EU. The older T12 tubes got banned first, followed by T8 and on February 1st 2024 T5 fluorescent will be banned along with CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps).

Earlier LED batten fittings contained LED tubes, which was a modern adaptation of the fluorescent design. The tube could be replaced in the event of a failure. In recent years the integrated LED market has grown, with consumers now accepting that if the LED fails, its just as easy to replace the entire fitting. Integrated LED fittings generally last longer, have longer guarantee periods and are brighter. They're more reliable and as this technology has become more popular, the prices have steadily come down.

Sensors & Accessories

Did you know that you can make an LED light fitting even more energy efficient? If you use a motion sensor such as a microwave sensor, you can set the fitting to automatically switch on and off when it detects movement. Microwave sensors used to be expensive but brands like Aurora Lighting have a truly cost effective option. You can purchase their standard LED battens or LED non corrosives and attach one of their sensors for less than £20. The Aurora BatPacCWS batten fitting is wattage and colour temperature switchable and has add-on accessories for microwave sensing and emergency backup.

Aurora BatPacCWS Power Adjustable CCT LED BattensAurora BatPacCWS Power Adjustable CCT LED Battens

Aurora also have a range non-corrosive fitting called LinearPac which are IP66 rated. With a selection of plug & play accessories to choose from including microwave and emergency.

Aurora LinearPac IP66 4000K LED Anti-Corrosive Fittings

Cost Effective

Cost is always an important factor for any purchasing decision. If you go to cheap, you're going to compromise on quality and you don't want to pay over the odds. Manufacturers are now competing heavily on price, which is great for consumers as they're getting the best deals. LED light fittings now cost less than the fluorescent fittings they're replacing! These means you're getting a more energy efficient product that costs less!

Brands You Can Trust

Choosing reliable brands is paramount when purchasing LED battens. Aurora Lighting, Ansell Lighting, Collingwood, JCC Lighting and Integral LED have earned their reputation as industry leaders due to their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. By choosing products from these brands, you are investing in lighting solutions that promise efficiency, durability, and cutting-edge technology. You can buy quality branded lighting products at a very reasonable price.

The key advantages of purchasing from a well known lighting brand is they offer longer guarantee periods. Most of the Aurora Lighting range for example comes with a 5 year guarantee. With selected items including their BatPac and LinearPac ranges with a 3 year on-site warranty. An on-site warranty means that if you're lighting fitting fails within 3 years, Aurora will arrange to replace it. This shows how much confidence they've got in their product quality!

Applications of LED Battens

LED battens are versatile and can be used in various settings including:

  • Residential Homes
  • Garages & Workshops
  • Office Spaces
  • Class Rooms
  • Retail Stores
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Outdoor Areas

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