It is often said that wall lights don't have their place in modern interiors. However, it is quite the opposite. Wall lighting is timeless and can bring more elegance into your home. And when you use these lights in the bathroom, you can make the space more functional and sophisticated at the same time.

When you have a small bathroom, you can use wall lights to make the room look larger and brighter than it truly is. On the other hand, if you have a larger bathroom, you can use the lighting to make a statement and create a focal point. Choosing the right wall lights could be a significant help when you want to tie the interior design together and set the right tone.

Bathroom lighting can come in several finishes. Therefore, you shouldn't have a problem picking the best lighting for your bathroom. Channel your inner creative director and make your vision come true, whether you're longing for a modern or classic finish.

Our bathroom wall lighting ideas will help you find the right solutions and set the right ambience.

Bring In A Soft Glow With Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

This kind of mirror is one of the elements that can bring into your bathroom style and simultaneously improve your daily routine. Of course, the mirror can bring more light into the space. But its main advantage is that the light can illuminate your face evenly. As a result, there won't be any shadows on your face, and you'll be able to complete your after-shower ritual without any obstacles.

Adding an illuminated mirror into the space is one of the bathroom lighting ideas that can suit a room of any size. If you have a small bathroom and struggle with storage space, you might be interested in exploring all the benefits of a cabinet with an illuminated mirror door.

While these mirrors can bring a decorative element into the interior, their functional benefits make it a piece that should illuminate every bathroom.

Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Bringing more light into a small bathroom can significantly impact the space. Consider painting your ceiling white to maximise the effect the right lighting ideas can have. The colour will reflect light from any sources you decide to install in the bathroom. Then, the room will seem larger and the ceiling higher.

Any bathroom wall lights and overhead lights will also reflect from the mirror in the bathroom. The mirror can show the rest of the room and make the room seem more spacious.

The light bouncing back from the white ceiling, mirror and reflective surfaces such as glass can make the small space look bright and welcoming again.

Use Spotlights To Illuminate Darker Areas

Spotlights are popular, especially when it comes to small bathrooms because they can fit even into a tighter space. These bathroom lights come in many designs. To make the most of the light source, consider looking for models that can be tilted. That will allow you to highlight a specific feature or light up the whole room.

These wall lights come in many designs and finishes. Therefore, you should be able to find the one that might suit your bathroom the best.

With stainless steel or black spotlights, you can bring a modern design scheme into your bathroom and create an effective interior.

Create A Welcoming Atmosphere With Up/Down Lighting Fixtures

The bathroom is a space that should help you to start your day fresh and find peace in the evening. To evoke a more welcoming atmosphere, you should take advantage of the mood lighting of up/down lights. These lights can create a beautiful pattern on your bathroom walls and boost the overall impression of the room.

The illumination this light offers can provide your bathroom wall with a luxurious feel and bring in a designer touch.

The light comes in black and stainless steel finish, so it can easily fit into any style of bathroom.

Install Timeless Wall Sconces To Make The Bathroom More Elegant

Wall sconces are one of the most popular bathroom lighting ideas. These are small light fixtures mounted on the wall and often used to frame a focal point of the bathroom. So, for instance, you might place the lights on the two sides of the mirror.

This bathroom wall lighting can come in many different shapes, colours and materials. If you'd like to make your bathroom look more elegant and give the room a softer look, you should look at round wall lights with a chrome finish.

To achieve a luxurious and sophisticated look, you might want to explore wall lights with sharper edges, such as a linear sconce.

Establish A Focal Point With Pendant Lights

Pendant lights might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to wall lights. However, many designs can be mounted to the wall and transform your bathroom lighting.

These hanging lights can come in various shapes and sizes and quickly become a centrepiece of any bathroom. Some of the materials you might often notice are glass, polished nickel, chrome, or polished brass.

With the variety of shapes and colours, it shouldn't be difficult to find the light that suits your taste.

Allow Statement Chandelier To Shine In A Large Bathroom

Chandeliers are often some of the most impressive lights hanging from the ceiling. But you can quickly bring luxury into a bathroom of any size. If you have a big bathroom, you might want to explore the option of larger lights.

To push your bathroom to perfection, you might want to get in touch with a designer. They will be able to help you to choose the right statement chandelier for you.

Look at glass, chrome light, and other bathroom wall lighting ideas for more inspiration.

Embrace Modern Style With Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are an ideal solution, especially for a small bathroom. They can easily integrate into the wall and don't take up any space. But they might also elevate a larger bathroom and make the interior look more fashionable.

These wall lights are incredibly versatile and can be used whether you need accent, task or ambient lighting.

Our Chrome RGB LED Marker Light Kit has an ingress protection rating of IP67, which means that these completely resistant to both dust and water. So, they could be the best choice for your shower and towel rails area. To make sure that they're installed correctly, get in touch with an electrician who might be able to help.

Take Advantage Of Natural Light

Not all bathrooms have a way of letting in natural light. But if you're lucky to have the option, try to play to its strengths. Create a lighting scheme that will bring in even more light.

To make the most of the light coming in, try to work with materials that can reflect it, such as prismatic glass or crystal. If you choose to work with light materials and make the ceiling and wall light, you might be able to make the space look more elegant and airy.

On cloudy days or during the night, you might appreciate including spotlights in the bathroom. When you have a shower or want to clean the area, having such a source of light might make your efforts much more manageable.

With the right light, you'll be able to navigate through the bathroom at night without any problems and make the area bright during the day.

Let Task Lighting Assist You With Your Daily Routine

During the day, you might need to shave or put your makeup on. Therefore, you should pay attention, especially to your vanity area. To improve your experience, you should get task lighting that will help you to make sure that there's no shade over your face.

Vanity areas allow you to get ready for the day in peace and require a light source to enhance your experience. So, you might want to look at Forum Spa Chai Picture/Mirror Light. Alternatively, you can explore the option of illuminated mirrors.

Even bathroom lighting might help you start your day without stress and prepare for your plans without any worries.

Utilise Reflective Surfaces In A Small Bathroom

Choosing the right lighting solutions is essential for any small bathroom. After all, it's one of the elements that can help you to make the bathroom look more prominent. To create the illusion of more space, you need to find the best ways to illuminate the bathroom.

The best way to make the area look more spacious is by utilising surfaces that can reflect light. When painting the walls or tiling the bathroom, choose light colours.

You might also want to decorate the room with mirrors that allow the natural light to bounce back.

You can also place bathroom wall lights like Forum Aquarius Wall Light Fitting IP44 on both sides of the mirror and let the light flood the rest of the room. As a result, your bathroom might seem larger, and if you opt for a white ceiling, it might seem higher too.

Layer The Lights To Make The Most Of Your Bathroom Space

When you want to make your bathroom both aesthetically pleasing and functional, you should try to explore the charm of a layered lighting scheme. That way, you can use bathroom wall lights only in a specific area or all at once to get the maximum amount of light if needed.

Of course, you should have a central light source that can brighten up most of the space. You also need to have task lighting that might make your daily routine easier.

On the other hand, you can have a layer of accent lighting that can draw attention to interesting features in the bathroom.

And finally, you can use mood lighting to create the right atmosphere for relaxing minutes in the shower or a bathtub.

Set The Right Atmosphere And Create Your Own Spa Experience

These days, life can get hectic, and you might find it challenging to get a break. So, if you don't have time to go to the spa, you can recreate the experience in your own bathroom. To set the right mood that will allow you to let go of the worries that have been clouding your mind throughout the day, try to work with ambient lighting.

With diffused light effect, you'll be able to make even a small bathroom more luxurious and bring the spa experience into your home. To make the light softer, try bathroom wall lighting to give the room a soft glow.

Materials like frosted glass can help you to achieve the result. At the same time, you can look for wall lighting with a chrome finish to make the bathroom more elegant.

When you focus on the effect bathroom lighting can have on the mood and atmosphere, you can totally transform your self-care rituals.

Conclusion: Choose The Right Lighting Fixtures For Your Bathroom

Choosing the proper wall lighting for your bathroom can be pretty challenging. To make the process easier, you need to determine what you'd like to achieve with the interior. If you want to make the bathroom solely functional, focus on the task lighting, like spotlights.

Remember that when you want bathroom lighting for wet areas, you must look for the correct IP rating. If you're unsure about the installation or the IP rating, get in touch with an electrician who can help you make a safe choice.

But if there are any architectonic or decorative features that you'd like to highlight, choose a bathroom lighting that will accentuate them.

You might also want to work with ambient lighting that can give your bathroom wall a soft illumination. This bathroom wall lighting might also be ideal for your bathroom trips at night. That way, you might have fewer problems falling back to sleep.

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