The lighting industry has been busy so far in 2023 especially for us downlight distributors. With a hoard of exciting new downlights entering the marketplace from many of the UK’s biggest brands.

These new downlights are utilising the very latest technologies available. Many of the new downlights for 2023 are adjustable, which allows you to direct the light to where you need it most. Unlike fixed downlights, which direct the light in only one downward direct, adjustable downlights can be tilted. This can be a great feature for highlighting artwork or photo frames.

Something Special

Its becoming a popular trend for lighting brands to have their own versions of fixed, adjustable and low glare downlights in their range. Low glare or anti-glare downlights have the LED light source positioned deeper with the downlight structure to reduce direct contact between the light source and the human eye. This helps to reduce discomfort on the eye and provide a more relaxed setting. They also look a bit more special, providing a more modern alternative to the ordinary fixed versions.

Anti-Glare IP65 Fire-Rated LED Downlights 6.5W White Bezel/Black Cone JCC V50 Pro

Retrofit Downlights for Large Hole Sizes

We’ve also got a new range of retrofit downlights from JCC Lighting that can be used in existing wider hole sizes. These handy downlights for larger hole sizes can be used instead of hole converter plates or needing to re-plaster. Available in 3 frame sizes that include 100mm, 135mm and 170mm, they utilise the same features as the market leading V50 model with a CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature) switch containing 2 colour temperatures in 1!

JCC Retrofit downlight

Compact Mounting Depth

One distinct advantage that integrated LED downlights have over GU10 is that they're more compact in size. With tighter ceiling voids, often due to thermal insulation, space can be limited which means more compact downlights are needed for many applications. The Forum Eden is only 30mm deep and its still fire rated! It has a fully adjustable, pivoting eyeball design that can be used for a wall wash effect.

Forum Eden IP65 Adjustable Fire Rated LED Downlight Black

Colour Temperature Switching

CCT switchable downlights has become the new norm for the integrated LED downlight. No longer do manufacturers have to stock lots of different models and no longer is the consumer stuck with one colour temperature or faced with that difficult purchasing decision, of which colour temperature should I choose?

With 2 to 4 colour temperatures in 1, ideally the switch should be located behind the bezel then you can easily switch them whenever you want. Some CCT downlights need to be removed from the ceiling, with isn't ideal for frequent switching.

Aurora R6 Adjustable Wattage & CCT Switchable LED Downlights

Smartphone & Voice Dimming

The majority of modern recessed downlights are compatible with dimmer switches, allowing you to easily control the brightness of light in the room. You can control your lights from anything from a traditional dimmer switch to your smartphone, or even with your voice. The Lightwave home automation system can be linked to Apple Home without any additional components other than your existing smartphone or use an Amazon Alexa and you can control your lights with your voice.

Voice activated scene control is really handy, it allows you to switch or dim multiple lights at once with just 3 words such as “Hey Siri, Sunset” which could switch your kitchen lights to 50% as the sun is setting.

Versatile Lighting Solutions

Taking the CCT switch a step forward is the wattage switch, which allows you to switch between a lower wattage and higher wattage. This can ensure that your downlights don't switch on too brightly if you don't want them to and gives more design options with your downlights. The Collingwood H2 Lite CSP has CCT and wattage switching in 1, with an option for 4.2W and 6W that you can select during the installation.

Let’s Compare the Best, New Models for 2023..