The Ultimate Guide To LED Bathroom Lighting

The Ultimate Guide To LED Bathroom Lighting

A major problem you will commonly discover with older conventional bathroom lighting is that the bulbs do not have the tendency to last long, which can be very aggravating for you when you need to keep changing them time after time in a room where optimum lighting is always needed. Longevity is one of the crucial features of LED lighting and on average tend to last you as much as 20x longer than standard lighting, implying you can go through years (occasionally decades!) without ever needing to change your bulbs. LED bathroom lights provide you an easy, fit and forget option for all your important bathroom lighting requirements.

Another essential benefit of LED lighting is their low energy consumption, which might conserve you as much as 90 % on your lighting expenses, giving you more cash to invest in the things you enjoy most. Although the preliminary investment of LED lighting is greater than conventional lighting, you quickly delight in the saving benefits LED lighting has to offer, with lots of users conserving the cash they initially invested within 1-2 years, after which is pure cost savings. Do not continue losing your money, buy your new energy efficient bathroom lights today.

From September 2012, an EU regulation was introduced aimed at reducing the energy use of lighting, meaning retailers will no longer be able to offer 40-25 watt incandescent bulbs. It is hardly unexpected that this regulations was introduced when according to research study, lighting consumes 19 % of energy worldwide. The UK government said the ban would bring an “typical yearly net benefit” of £108m to the UK between 2010 and 2020 in energy savings, which you might contribute to by switching to LED bathroom lights.

There are a wide range of LED lighting products that you can get for your bathroom, including traditional wall lighting, recessed water-resistant LED downlights (which are perfect when positioned above your shower) and easy to apply LED strip, which supply excellent decorative lighting for your bathroom when it is applied underneath cabinets, recessed ceilings or walls. Due to building policies put in place to preserve your safety, all lighting fittings need to be put in certain ‘zones’ within your restroom to assist you find lights which are suitable for wet space applications, so this needs to be taken into consideration when installing your bathroom lights.

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