Another product which has gained a lot of attention from customers (and which is one of our staff picks) is the Integral High CRI 95 GU10 LED. This product is part of the premier selection of LED GU10 lamps we have on offer, although it is distinguished by having a very high index for colour rendering, which is referred to as CRI. The Integral High GU10 LED COB is actually one of the finalists in the Lux awards’ product range for 2016, which is hardly surprising, since its CRI is as much as 95.

What you should know about high CRI and its benefits

As already mentioned, CRI is the ‘colour rendering index’ and it is a measurement of a light source’s ability to reproduce colours in an accurate manner. Most high-quality LED lighting products have an 80 CRI, and other, higher quality LED lamps have a rating of 90 CRI. What you should know is that if you were to view colours in normal or standard daylight, they would look exactly what you would expect them to look like, since normal or standard daylight has a 100 CRI.

But if you view colours with the help of artificial lighting, as in the case of LED lights, the colours may become slightly distorted. But with this particular Integral High GU10 LED with a CRI of 95, you are getting as close a match as possible when it comes to the real colours you can expect with normal or standard daylight. For customers who have a retail establishment, this kind of lighting is the perfect solution to showcase their products and wares in the best and clearest way. What’s more, the amount of heat released by the Integral High CRI GU10 LED lamp is not as much as the heat released by halogen lamps, and customers can even see a reduction in their energy consumption by as much as 86 per cent. For only £6.38, that’s significant savings in more ways than one.

Integral High Cri
CRI Comparison

Other features you should know about the Integral High CRI 95

The colour temperature of the Integral High CRI 95 can be either extra warm white (2700K) with a lumen output of 380 lumens, or cool white (4000K) with a lumen output of 440 lumens, and it comes as 7W lamps along with a beam angle of 38 degrees. Furthermore, the Integral High CRI 95 has an ‘A’ energy rating, and its halogen wattage equivalent is 50 Watts. The Integral High CRI 95 light also comes with a lifetime of 25,000 hours in total, and it has a 3-year guarantee.

Our Integral High CRI 95 GU10 LED can be used in conjunction with another popular product in our range, which is the EvoFire downlight. There is a variety of EvoFire downlights available here at, but we give you two of the most popular ones: the Integral EvoFire Fire Rated Insulation Coverable Downlight and the Integral EvoFire Fire Rated Downlight in Matt White.

More information on the EvoFire downlight range

The Integral EvoFire Fire Rated Insulation Coverable Downlight

As already mentioned, the high CRI GU10 LED can be used in Integral EvoFire downlights, as they are fully compatible. The Integral EvoFire Fire Rated Insulation Coverable Downlight, in particular, is distinguished by its unique style and design and its utmost functionality. This EvoFire Insulation Coverable downlight makes use of its very own glass and steel materials in order to create a barrier for fire, and aside from this, it doesn’t have any intumescent material which other downlights have.

Because of these factors, this EvoFire Insulation Coverable downlight is known for being lower in cost and more lightweight than its commercial counterparts. Furthermore, its design is sleek and modern which is far removed from the standard ‘fire can’ style and design that also cuts off the flow of air to the LED bulb inside. Because of the enhanced air flow provided by the EvoFire Insulation Coverable downlight’s design, the LED lamp within can have a longer life and can benefit from better performance as well.

The design of the EvoFire Insulation Coverable downlight also features a slim and trim bezel, which is only 1mm in thickness, enhancing its minimalist and sleek appeal.

Integral EvoFire

The Integral EvoFire Fire Rated Downlight in Matt White

Yet another option to be used with the Integral High CRI 95 LED lamp is the Integral EvoFire Fire Rated Downlight in Matt White, which does not have any major differences from the above-mentioned Integral EvoFire Fire Rated Insulation Coverable downlight. This particular downlight, just like the Insulation Coverable one mentioned above, features a sleeker and slimmer design with its 1mm-thick bezel and its contemporary design which is no longer reminiscent of the traditional ‘fire can.’

The finish of the Integral EvoFire Fire Rated Downlight is Matt White, and it can be used with compatible GU10 LEDs that are up to 10W. According to our experts, this (and the Insulation Coverable version) is the best match for the Integral High CRI LED lamp, and it is IP65 as a standard, which also makes it suitable for use in bathrooms, particularly zones 1 as well as 2.

The EvoFire is now available in a wider choice of finishes including satin nickel and black. Also available in packs of 3 and 4 which offers a bulk rate saving. With options for insulation coverable versions which includes a guard that allows thermal insulation to sit on top of. Its also available in a miniature and low glare, with further information available here.

Integral EvoFire Downlights
Meet the EvoFire Series

We also stock the Philips 4.9W GU10 LED which has high CRI as standard.