The EvoFire is a revolutionary range of fire rated downlights from Integral LED. This growing collection of high-performance, recessed light fittings have a simple but effective design.

Using their own glass and steel structure to create a fire barrier, they reduce the need for any additional intumescent materials or clunky fire can housings. This design has many advantages with one of them being cost and the other being open rated. As they require less materials to produce, they cost less and because they’re open rated, they operate cooler. The cooler operating temperature within the open rated design allows LED lamps to operate at around 10 degrees cooler than the traditional fire can design. This increases lamp life and ensures your LED lamps last as long as possible.

Integral EvoFire

With an ultra slim 1mm thick bezel, they offer a modern and discrete lighting option. They can even be used as alternative to plaster-in downlights without you having to re-plaster your ceiling. The final lightweight finish is clean and almost invisible, minimalist and discreet.

Professional Downlights

These professional downlights have taken the best of everything on the market and added their own innovations to create something truly special.

Available in a selection of finishes that include white, chrome, satin chrome and black, the EvoFire is one of the most innovative downlights of all time. The range also includes square downlights and low glare versions were the light source sits back further within the downlight structure.

EvoFire Black

Insulation Coverable

With insulation coverable options, EvoFire downlights are highly rated and highly advanced products that we highly recommend. Its quickly become our go-to choice of product. They're also IP65 rated as standard which means we don't need to stock too many different types and they can be used in every room type from bathrooms to living rooms.

They don’t just look good, they’re also supplied with a fast-fix wiring connector as standard, which has become a must have accessory for downlight installers. The fast-fix connector is a loop-in, loop-out junction box with push-fit terminals. You get one with every EvoFire apart from the mini MR11 version.

EvoFire Mini MR11

Available in small, standard and larger sizes that range from the EvoFire mini MR11, to the MR16 50 watt equivalent which cater for standard and larger cut out sizes. MR11 GU10 lamps have a smaller diameter of 35mm compared with the 51mm diameter of the more commonly used MR16 GU10, the EvoFire Series is a truly comprehensive offering.

Hybrid Downlights

One of the latest editions to the series is the EvoFire+. This is one of the most advanced recessed downlights in the lighting industry. It’s a type of hybrid downlight that infuses the best of integrated LED technology with the best of retrofit GU10. With its replaceable LED module, its jam packed with features. Although hybrid downlights have been around before with the innovative JCC Hybrid series, they never really took off because the replaceable LED modules cost too much which defeated their main purpose. But the EvoLight modules don’t cost the earth, little more than a decent quality GU10 LED lamp.

Every EvoFire+ is supplied with an EvoLight LED module which can also be ordered separately. These LED modules are available with or without the wiring connector and can be used on their own to replace existing MR16 12V halogen downlights. The fast-fix wiring connector can be wired in place of the low voltage transformer to provide a quick and easy retrofit solution.


Miniature Downlights

Another standout product within the range is the EvoFire mini. This is an MR11 downlight that can be used with low voltage MR11 LEDs or mains voltage MR11 GU10 LEDs. Integral LED have also produced a dimmable MR11 GU10 LED which means you can now install miniature, fire rated and dimmable LED downlights with replaceable bulbs! Which is something we’ve been requesting for many years.

If you’re replacing existing downlights with larger hole sizes, we’ve also got you covered. You can either install a standard EvoFire downlight with hole converter plate or install the larger hole version for 70-100mm cut outs, or mix and match the EvoFire series throughout your entire property.

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