Our customers know full well that we at Downlights Direct prioritise quality and efficiency over all when it comes to the lighting products we have. But our customers also know that we place great importance on innovative products with the latest and most advanced features, and we are happy to say that we have some optimum offerings available today. These include aluminium profile rails, which serve the important purpose of housing LED tapes and strip lights.

Aluminium profile rails: the newest selection

For customers who have LED strip lights or who are planning to install LED strip lights, aluminium profile rails have proven to enhance the look and elegance of strip installations. But apart from improving the aesthetic appeal, aluminium profile rails, more importantly, can provide better protection for an LED strip light installation as well.

Aluminium Profile
Slim Aluminium Profile Rail

The purpose of aluminium profile rails and the basic range

Aluminium profile rails are also referred to as extrusions, and customers can make use of them in order to design and customise their light fittings according to the length they prefer, or require. Here at Downlightsdirect.co.uk, customers can have their aluminium profile rails or extrusions already pre-fitted with the LED strips as well as connecting cables, or as is. LED tape is readily available at Downlightsdirect.co.uk, and this lighting strip, which has a self-adhesive backing, contains a row of LED lights. You can simply cut the tape down to the length you desire and according to the length of your aluminium rails.

The basic range of aluminium profile rails available here at Downlightsdirect.co.uk include either one-metre or two-metre rails, although customers who have other needs (a shorter length, for instance) can easily contact us and request a quotation according to their specific requirements. Whatever your requirements may be, feel free to give us a ring so we can help you fulfill those requirements when it comes to aluminium profile rails.

Slim Surface Mount Profile Rail

One of the most popular products featured on our site is the Slim Surface Mount Profile Rail, which comes is priced per metre. This product is distinguished by its slim surface and elegant design, and it is only 7 millimetres in height (9 millimetres with cover) and 18 millimetres in width. The Slim Surface Mount Profile Rail is suitable for all LED Strip Fit lights and LED tapes which have a measurement of 10 millimeters. The rail also comes with its own mounting brackets and end caps, and customers can expect 2 mounting brackets for every metre ordered.

Slim Surface Drawing

Customers can order the rail pre-cut to whatever length they require, and it can be supplied on its own, or with full fittings with LED tape fitted to the specification or length required by the customer. One tip: if you require a length that is more than 2 metres, it is recommended that you butt the rails together so it makes one continuous and unbroken run. Incidentally, the rail comes with 40% in savings, with a price per metre of £7.70, including VAT.

Corner Mount Profile Rail

The Corner Mount Profile Rail, which is also priced per metre, is another featured and popular product. This rail, which is available with a 40% saving as well (bringing its price down from £15.24 to £9.14 per metre) can fit very well in any corner, but is used most often under cabinets in a kitchen. Since it fits into a corner, the light is focused at an angle.

Corner Rail Drawing

The Corner Mount Profile Rail is ideal for use with all LED tapes which have a width of 10 millimetres, and all LED strip lighting.

Premium Surface Mount Profile Rail (7mm)

Yet one more product which is in high demand with our customers is the Premium Surface Mount Profile Rail measuring 7mm. The Premium Surface Mount Profile Rail is available for only £10.70 (down from its original retail price of £15.30), and it is made from premium and high quality anodised aluminium, most suitable to be used with LED light strips.

Premium Surface Drawing

What distinguishes this rail from the others is its height, which is only 7 millimeters. Since it is only 7 millimeters in height, it can provide a uniquely elegant and discrete finish to any light strip installation. Another advantage to the rail is its provision of additional protection along with an improvement in the dissipation of heat.

Premium Surface Rail with LED Strip

The rail is ideally used with 30 LED and 60 LED per metre lighting strips, and other LED strip types which are as much as 12 millimeters in width. The rail also comes with either an opal or frosted standard cover, although customers requiring clear covers can request this as well.

More on the LED tape available at Downlights Direct

If you’re wondering what kind of LED tape would be suitable for our aluminium profile rails, wonder no more. One of our premium and most popular products when it comes to LED tape is the LED Tape (SMD5050), IP65, which can be sold per metre and which is available in either 30 LEDs per one metre or 60 LEDs per one metre. Alternatively the more advanced COB LED tape shown below, provides a brighter totally seamless lighting effect.

COB LED Strip tape 4000K effect

The LED tape is also available in different colour temperatures, namely extra warm, warm white, cool white, and even colour changing. One main feature of our LED strips is their improved ‘silicone drop’ resin, allowing the strips to increase their lifespan and enhance their dissipation of heat. As you may already be aware, our LED tape is self-adhesive, which makes it easy to install within the aluminium profile rails, and it is highly versatile, which means that it can be used for a variety of purposes and functions, both commercial and residential.

The backing of each LED tape is self-adhesive 3M, and the backing can simply be peeled off and installed within a few minutes. As already mentioned, you can cut down the strip or tape to any length you require so you can illuminate the exact area which needs illumination.

LED Tape

If you don’t want to cut the LED tape yourself, you also have the option to order pre-cut strips from us, which can range from 50mm in length to up to 100 metres or more. You also have the option to order connecting cables which are already soldered to make for even easier and handier installation.