Varilight dimmer switches have an industry wide reputation for being exceptional products. They deliver high-quality performance, have a long-life and are innovative. All Varilight dimmer switches are sold at extremely competitive prices.

All Varilight products are made with the environment in mind and run of an extremely low wattage. Furthermore, all products are manufactured to last longer than the average bulb and therefore be cost-effective for the customer.

Low Load Dimmers

The growth of low light dimmers has been astronomical because of the energy-saving qualities and their longevity. Low load dimmers are used to replace normal dimmers that do not possess a long shelf-life. Typical low load dimmers have a wattage of 40 or 60 watts. However, Varilight's version can be as low as 12 watts. The energy efficiency of these bulbs far outweighs competitors similar products.

High Frequency Ballast Dimmers

Special 1-10V dimmers are needed to dim the 'high frequency ballast' that are used to energise fluorescent floor strip lights.

Two options are available in this range:

- A dimmer that is able to dim one high frequency ballast. However, this dimmer may not be appropriate when more than one frequency ballast needs to be used with one dimmer.

- A dimmer that is appropriate for more than one high frequency ballast. Dimmers of this nature are still energy efficient, environmentally friendly and run off a relatively low wattage.

Inductive Load Dimmers

For a wider choice of dimmers, it is recommended that customers opt for dimmable electronic transformers which run of a low voltage. For scenarios where a wire-wound transformer is used than an inductive load dimmer should be used. If an inductive load dimmer is used it must be installed in the correct manner.

Why Choose Varilight?

Varilight is an essential option for any household which requires dimmers for a particular purposes, for example - a baby's room, where full light is not needed. Products marketed are done so at a competitive price and also guarantee that they last longer than the average household bulb.

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