Benefits Of JCC Lighting

Benefits Of JCC Lighting

JCCLightingGuideJCC Lighting is a market leader in the lighting field. With over 20 years of experience you can be sure of the high quality of their products along with excellent customer service and cutting edge design. Having risen from the humble beginnings of a small family firm to a worldwide company, JCC sources, designs and manufactures top quality lighting suited to both commercial and domestic premises. So what makes JCC Lighting stand apart from its competitors? With so many lighting manufacturers in the marketplace it can be difficult to know which is the best.

JCC Lighting offers many benefits and advantages over other contenders in the lighting market. With a focus on energy efficient LED lighting solutions for homes, schools and offices, their range comprises flat panels, downlights and spotlights with a multitude of applications.

JCC produce lighting solutions that are both innovative and quick and easy to install. All products are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure complete safety and reliability. The range is modern and stylish using cutting edge technology.

JCC products comply with building regulations criteria and are fire resistant. Their special enclosed can design for downlights prevents any flames from reaching the ceiling and protects against fire hazards. Their products also incorporate FGLED fittings with a unique design that enables heat generated by the lights to dissipate in a larger air pocket than those found with traditional downlight fittings. This keeps the driver working at the correct operating temperature thus preventing overheating and the fire risk that entails. The FGLED clips are also specially designed to adjust to different ceiling thicknesses.

JCC’s Skytile flat panel LED lighting has the benefit of requiring no maintenance and has an extended warranty. With a simple wipe clean surface and a light that is close to daylight it does not produce ultra violet light which can cause stock discolouration.

The JCC StarSpot 1000 spotlight outperforms it’s competitors, emitting a powerful 89 lumens PcW. Their spotlights are also fully adjustable for a wider beam angle.

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