Mains dimmable, also known as TRIAC dimmable LED drivers are now available that allow you to dim lighting products like LED strip lights, without the need for installing a special analogue 1-10V dimmer switch.

When dimming Lutron systems such as the Grafik Eye you would normally have to purchase an additional 0-10V add on module at an extra cost of around £135.00 +VAT. But with our new mains dimmable drivers, you can now connect them directly to a zone on a Grafik Eye or Energi Savr Node or for simple dimming they can be wired to a dimmer switch.

These new LED drivers will dim with many different leading edge or trailing edge dimmer switches. We recommend trailing edge as they don't buzz like leading edge, they are silent.

Now available in both 12V and 24V DC outputs and in 4 wattage types; 20W, 45W, 80W and 150W. They are very easy to install and are the ideal accessory for dimmable LED tape.

In stock now:

Mains Dimmable LED Driver
LED dimmable driver with LED tape example

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We offer a complete range for 12V or 24V input types, with wattage options available from 0.75W up to 300W. If you need a higher wattage, just split down your runs.