What Are Downlights?

What Are Downlights?

Downward pointing lighting, commonly known as downlights have become increasingly popular over the last few years. As a result, many choices of downlights are available for sale, many of which you will find in our downlights catalogue.  We will take a quick overview at the different types of downlights available, their fixtures and which rooms in your house are most suitable.

Semi Flush means a light fixture which is almost touching the ceiling but not quite…in lighting terms we call that ‘semi flush ceiling lights’. These are a type of downlight which look great in contemporary rooms and are actually quite popular.

Pendant Lights are a type of downlight specifically because of the direction the light points in…downwards. You can purchase the pendant lights that point upwards and therefore are not named downlights. You will find them in an array of shapes, sizes, colours and designs, usually decorative pieces which are suitable for throughout most of the home.

Spotlights are most likely one of the more popular light fixtures. They are usually found in newly built homes as a majority – they do not take up any space and keep the room looking neat. Especially useful for small rooms , they give off brilliant bright light which can be altered for your mood via a dimmer switch.  Spotlights are very modern and look great in kitchens and bathrooms in particular.

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