5 Places You Can Install LED Strip Lights

5 Places You Can Install LED Strip Lights

LED lighting has become popular in recent times due to the excellent power savings the technology affords. Typically a 12-20 watt LED light will provide the same amount of light as a 100 watt incandescent light bulb. On top of this, the life of an LED light is typically longer than traditional light bulbs. These energy and waste savings make a huge impact on the environment as well as making financial sense. LED strip lights are a part of this product line and offer some interesting lighting options. Here are five ideas as to how to use them.

1) Under kitchen cabinets. LED strip lights are often really easy to install and, when wanting to add more light to a kitchen work surface, these step lights are a great way to go. Usually stick on and able to offer bright light at low energy cost, LED strip lighting over kitchen counters are a great lightning solution.

2) In hallways. Strip lights in the hallway can be great as nightlights or security lighting. Ease of install and low energy consumption make this an attractive option. Although LED’s do not typically operate well with dimmer switches, low wattage LED lights will give off a soft glow as opposed to a bright light.

3) Custom car interior lighting can benefit from LED strip lighting. Highlighting things like running boards, putting colored glows under seats or under the dash can add a special look to a custom car interior.

4) Media / Entertainment rooms can benefit from dim strip lights, used similar to their function in movie theaters. A dim source of light at the perimeter of the room won’t disturb the screen watching experience and can assist in trips to grab snacks or to the bathroom.

5) Garage. Similar to their use in hallways or under kitchen cabinets, LED strip lightning is a great way to add light to a work surface or to add a bit of safety to an otherwise dark room.
The options for LED strip lighting are limited only by the imagination and their utility is great.

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