Completely RGB LED Room – RGB LED Strip & Wireless RGBW Lamps

Completely RGB LED Room – RGB LED Strip & Wireless RGBW Lamps

Name: Lewis C

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– LED Strip Project

– LED Lamp Project

Project Descriptions: Illuminating Bed & Converting to RGB lamps.P1070417

When I started working at Downlights Direct I knew nothing about RGB lighting, but after a year of seeing various types of lighting my mind was set on making my bedroom a nice place to relax in by using RGB lighting.


Working around LED lighting and seeing the energy efficiency of LED’s it was a wise decision that didn’t need to be questioned, I wouldn’t be touching anything that was gonna burn a whole in my pocket from electricity bills, so i decided to go with LED strip and RGBW wireless LED bulbs to cut out the costs. I used the LED strip for under my bed and the wireless led bulbs for my bedside lamp and main room light fixture.

I asked my helpful colleges at work for the best course of action on how I was going to setup the LED strip around my bed. They advised it would be best to use a splitter  to even out the line of power so there isn’t any volt drop down the line. One line of strip would go from the top right of the headboard around the left side. The other line would go down the right and around the front end of the bed.


After getting my LED Strip cut to my specifications, we sent it off to be soldered and connectors to be attached on to the ends of each strip. After a few days I received my LED Strip back and was now able to glue it into place under my bed. Each line of strip has an adhesive tape on the back to for easy installation, just simply remove the tape cover place on the desired surface and smooth it flat. For added strength i additionally used some Permabond superglue on the adhesive tape.

Installing the RGBW wireless lamps was simple as screwing in any other light bulbs. Just follow the instructions in the booklet provided and you will be able to control your lighting with a simple push of a button on your RF controller or from your IOS devices such as iPhones, iPods and iPads.

No problems at all, due to careful planning and help from the Downlights Direct team.

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