Colour Changing LED lights are Cool!

Colour Changing LED lights are Cool!

Mix RGB (red, green and blue) to allow a wide variety of colours to be chosen. The ability to change between colours allows you to create a unique feel to any room or environment. We now offer a wide selection of colour changing LED lights and a great range of controllers. Without using the correct controller you won’t be able to change the colours or create effects.

Our most popular RGB LEDs are the flexible strip lights, our latest range of controllers utilise RF (radio frequency) or Wi-Fi technology. The Wi-Fi versions allow you to change the colours using an iPhone or Android APP. These controllers also allow multiple LED strip runs to be controlled from one controller and you don’t have to link them with cables.

Recently added to this range is our new RGB LED downlights which are ultra-thin at just 18mm deep and with a wide diameter of 180mm. These RGB downlights can also be controlled with our new range of controllers allowing you to control LED strips, downlights and plinth lights from one controller or iPhone!

You can easily change the colour of your downlights to red, your strip lights to blue and your plinth lights green (for example) or have them all set to the same colour. Each light can work as a totally separate zone using the controller and receiver. It’s all very easy to do, we believe that anyone can use them even newcomers to colour changing LED lights.



Like the idea of RGB lighting but want to have the option of a traditional warm white as well? We now offer an RGBWW LED strip – RGBWW contains 60 super bright (SMD5050 chip) RGB chips and also 60 medium bright (SMD3528 chips), a total of 120 LEDs per metre! This is the very latest version of RGBWW lighting as you no longer have to compromise on light output; the strip uses 19.2 watts per metre. RGBWW not only allows the standard primary colours but you can also mix RGB with warm white. With the touch of a button you can switch between an array of pinks, light greens and oranges to a cleaner warm white (3000K) lighting ambience. RGBWW allows you to achieve a far more diverse range of lighting shades not available in traditional RGB!

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