What is IP68 LED Strip Lighting and How Can You Use it?

What is IP68 LED Strip Lighting and How Can You Use it?

Key Features of the IP68 LED Strip

Superbly practical, IP68 strip lighting consists of powerful LED lights integrated within a strip of tape. Simple to install even in the trickiest of locations, thanks to its beautifully flexible backing, it can be secured with ease, using an adhesive or mounting clips. It can also be cut to size, so you can be certain it will fit your required size. A PU sealant ensures that this functional strip light is water-resistant and dustproof, making it ideal for use outdoors as well as within your home or business.

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As with all LED lighting, an IP68 strip light is more energy-efficient than incandescent, fluorescent or halogen lights, so replacing standard lighting with one of these could help to reduce your electricity costs. This type of strip light is also available in different shades of white or with colour changing lights and, if used with the appropriate LED driver, can be dimmed.

LED strip lighting – a versatile option with a range of uses

The IP68 LED strip light’s functionality and handy features make it wonderfully versatile and you can use it in many different settings. Its durability and water-resistant nature means that it can be used outdoors, making it perfect for use in residential gardens, pub beer gardens or in the grounds of hotels, bars or guest houses. It can even be placed under water to illuminate ponds or paddling pools.

This LED strip lighting is equally useful within homes or business premises, particularly in bathrooms, where its water-resistant properties are extremely beneficial, or even within aquariums. Its flexible and easy to cut strip design makes it a great solution when you want to place lights in tricky corners and in hard to reach areas where traditional lighting would be hard to install.

Whether you want to shed some light on a dark corner of your back yard, transform your fish tank into a centrepiece or brighten your bathroom while cutting back on your energy use, this type of LED lighting is an excellent option.

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