Replacing Old Downlights For Aurora I9’s In A Kitchen

Replacing Old Downlights For Aurora I9’s In A Kitchen

Name: Lewis Carline/Chris Carline

Room: Kitchen

Products Used:

The Project: Installing Aurora I9’s In A Kitchen


Since becoming a part of the Downlights Direct team I had been urging my dad to convert to LED’s to help him save money on his electricity bill, as he always seemed to be complaining about how his bills were abnormally high when I visited home. So after a few months of persistence and educating him on the savings, he shows up one day on the trade counter asking for six Aurora I9’s in a Cool White colour temperature.

Being an electrician for most of his life he wanted a quick easy solution to replace his energy eating halogen downlights and decided on the Aurora I9’s for it’s integrated driver and it’s cut out size. I mentioned to my dad that the i9 has a 7 year warranty, so that if anything should go wrong with his downlights, he’s completely covered to get them replaced.

On to the installation!

He removed the old halogen downlights from the ceiling fairly quickly and hooked up the i9’s and slotted them in the previous cutouts with no problems. This process took around 10 minutes or less to complete, a very successful switch over with little messing around. After a few months of having them installed I asked my dad how his electricity bill was looking after the switch, and apparently it’s the best it’s been in years and is considering on replacing his bathroom downlights in a few months time.


In terms of installation there was no problems whatsoever. The only thing we did notice was that the Cool White temperature is slightly clinical and tends to show up dirty areas unlike the Warm White halogens he had previously installed (which is good to keep on top of cleanliness, but is bad for us lazy blokes who don’t want to clean haha). Although it did highlight dirty areas, after a few days of getting used to the new colour temperature the kitchen looks completely spotless! Silver linings huh?

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