Downlight of the Month June 2013

Downlight of the Month June 2013

The Halers H2 Pro with a 60 Degree Beam

Halers H2 Pro
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Now into its second generation and replacing the EvoLED and H2, the H2 Pro is brighter and more reliable. And is now available in a choice of two beam angles:

  1. The industry standard 38 degree beam.
  2. Recently added is the wider 60 degree flood version.
When used effectively, mainly in larger rooms the 60 degree beam version can allow you to use fewer downlights. This is because the light is spread out further. The wider beam can also improve the uniformity meaning there are no bright ‘hot spots’ of light and no dark patches scattered across the room.
Here is an example of a kitchen / dining area:


This room had two skylights in the ceiling which prevented us from having a conventional grid layout of downlights.



The image below shows the effect of a room using the 38 degree beam version. As you can see some of the room is very bright at around 400 lux and some of the room has dark patches.



The next example shows the same room using the 60 degree beam version. As you can see the light (or lux) levels are much more evenly spread. There are no bright spots or dark patches.

Another feature of this scheme is that the kitchen area was illuminated to a brighter 300 lux and the lounge was dimmer at around 200 lux – text book!

This was a basic design as we didn’t have all the information such as the reflectance levels of the ceiling, walls, floors and cupboard areas. When installing the 60 degree beam version in kitchens you should make sure you have cupboards that have high reflectance values such as white gloss. Otherwise some of the light may be lost within the cupboards. If you have low reflectance cupboards made from darker wood like mahogany then the 38 degree may produce better results. There are many variations to consider within lighting design.

The ideal room type for the wider beam is for a large lounge area, lounges in particularly don’t require as much average lux as other rooms generally just 100-150lx is enough. Using the wider beam allows the downlights to be spread out further apart and allows fewer downlights to be used!

For this reason we have awarded the Halers H2 Pro, the LED downlight of the month for June 2013.

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