The Energi Savr Node QS range (also known as ESN) is the latest version of automated lighting controllers from Lutron. With it sees the launch of the phase adaptive control panel which has been designed specifically (but not solely) for use in LED lighting applications.

Unlike the Grafik Eye QS, it doesn't have an LCD screen for programming. Programming can be done using the Energi Savr Node App, available to download free from the App Store. Although to use the App you'll need an additional programming interface (QSE-CI-AP-D). Very basic programming can be done directly on the ESN.

All Energi Savr Node modules are din rail mountable and need to be mounted inside an enclosure. This range is fully compatible with all the accessories from the Grafik Eye QS, including keypads, sensors and control interfaces. You can even link a Grafik Eye to an ESN.

Why would you want to link both systems?

The main reason would be if you wanted to use some of the features from the Grafik Eye such as blind control or the DMX add-on. You may have a variety of LED lights that need to be controlled from the ESN, with it's minimum load of just 0.2W and higher maximum load of 800W, it works much better with LED lights. Or you may want some switching only (non dim) circuits, by adding the  QSNE-4S10-D you're getting 4 extra zones for around half the price.

LED Dimming

The stand out product from this range is the ESN phase adaptive (QSNE-4A-D) which has been specifically designed for use with LED. This module makes specifying LED lighting projects much easier as not only does it have a minimum load of 0.2W but the first zone has a maximum load of 800W, perfect for dealing with current spikes from LED lamps and downlights. The combined wattage for all 4 zones is 2300W and additional units can be easily added to provide more zones and to deal with a higher load. It is designed to automatically select between leading edge (forward phase control or MLV) and trailing edge (reverse phase control ELV).

Price Comparison

Depending on how many zones you want to control, the Grafik Eye can be cheaper but only because of the added cost of the programming interface. If you're installer you can take this with you and keep re-using it. If you've got up to 6 zones then the Grafik Eye would be slightly cheaper and easier to install. But the more zones you need, the more money you can save. If you've got 20+ zones, the saving is in the region of  £1000 so it's definitely worth considering.

If you're more familiar with older Lutron systems such as Grafik Eye 3000 or Integrale I'd recommend go straight to the Energi Savr Node as any installers we've worked with have never looked back.

Please feel free to contact our design team to discuss your automated lighting project in further detail. We can help to design a complete system, ranging from a single room to an entire house. We can offer a market leading product at a competitive price.


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