Philips Master LEDs – 5 Year Guarantee

Philips Master LEDs – 5 Year Guarantee

The Philips Master LED range is now covered by a 5 year guarantee, here are the main reasons why:

1. They are highly reliable and since Philips launched the Master LED range in 2008, there have been very few failures. Unlike other inferior brands, especially unbranded SMD LEDs.

2. Why not? The life expectancy is between 25,000 to 40,000 hours. If they are supposed to last this long why don’t other manufacturers offer this too? It is because they are not confident in there products. Philips are.

3. The Philips Master LED range now has a proven track record of success, Downlights Direct vouches for them as we have sold them since the launch date. In terms of quality and reliability they are second to none.

4. With the launch of the new COB (Chip On Board) LED range, newer LED lamps contain a single high output LED chip. One benefit of this is that there are less components that can break or stop working. Unlike SMD LEDs which contains loads of tiny LEDs, if one tiny LED overheats the entire LED lamp needs replacing.


 [Click on the image above to view the new Philips 6W GU10 LED]

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