The Best Downlights for Loft Conversions

The Best Downlights for Loft Conversions

Loft conversions are excellent ways to increase the value of your home while adding what may prove to be some much-needed space in terms of an office or a spare bedroom. There are many concerns which need to be addressed in order to remain prepared ahead of time. One common issue is the type of downlighting that should be selected. Let us take a look at some of the choices available and a handful of the benefits that each will provide.

LED Unit
LED fixtures are often used in loft conversions due to their luminosity alongside the crispness of the light provided. In this sense, less may very much equal more. A space that normally may require three or four incandescent units could only need one or two LED fixtures to achieve the same effect.

Adjustable Varieties
These fixtures are another very popular choice. As the name hints, the main benefit that this variety provides is that the light can be swivelled within its housing. These are great at achieving a unique ambiance within the loft and as they can be moved, extra light can be directed towards areas where it is needed the most (above a desk or a bed, for example).

Shallow Downlights
A third variety worth considering is a category known as shallow downlights. These can be termed as a type of high-hat lighting in some circles. The fixtures themselves are recessed into the ceiling; a welcome addition to a loft that may be defined by only a limited amount of vertical space. However, it is important to note that a certain amount of depth above the ceiling will be required for them to be installed flush with the surface. This should be determined beforehand to make sure that the appropriate lighting unit is selected.

Downlighting is an excellent way to provide a sense of visual appeal to any upcoming loft conversion. As always, a wide variety of these fixtures can be found simply by browsing the website at Downlights Direct.


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